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What Does It Mean When My Crystals Get Hot? 5 Spiritual Meanings

What Does It Mean When My Crystals Get Hot? 5 Spiritual Meanings

In this article: Discover what it means when your crystals get hot and what to do when it happens!

If you’ve ever experienced a crystal getting hot in your hand, you might have wondered what could be the reason behind this sudden temperature increase.

Is it because your manifestation is actively working? Or because negative energy is being released? Could it be something else?

The truth is, there are many different meanings and interpretations as to why crystals may suddenly get warm when you’re working with them. 

Read on to discover what it means when crystals get hot and what to do when it happens.

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Are crystals supposed to be cold or warm?

If you have one or more crystals, you’ve probably noticed that they are naturally cold to the touch. 

In fact, you may have also noticed that some stones may be colder than others.

The temperature of your stone will vary depending on the type of crystal of course, but also on its form. Tumbled stones always feel colder than raw specimens for example. 

There are a lot of other factors to take into consideration.

For example, if your crystal has been exposed to direct sunlight, it will feel warm to the touch. 

Alternatively, if the crystal has been kept in a cool or dark place, it’ll probably feel cold to the touch.

Crystals can also be affected by the temperature of the person holding them. They will usually get warmer if you keep them in your hands for more than a few minutes.

However, if your stones are getting hot for no apparent reason, keep reading to find out what could be the reason behind this sudden increase in temperature. 

What does it mean when my crystals get hot? 5 spiritual meanings

Now that we’ve established that crystals should be naturally cold to the touch, let’s see what it means when they get hot for no apparent reason:

1. Your crystal is receiving a lot of energy from you

The first and most obvious reason why your crystal could be getting hot when you’re using it is that it is receiving a lot of energy from you. 

Crystals are believed to hold and radiate energy. When you use a crystal, you are transferring your own energy into the stone. 

This energy transfer can create a temporary heat sensation in the stone.

This sensation is a sign that your energy is becoming more in tune with the energy of the crystal.

This is especially true if you use your crystals for healing or to restore balance within your chakras. 

I also often feel a tingling or heat sensation coming from my stone during meditation. 

I believe this is because my vibration is very high, and I’m highly attuned to my stone at that moment. 

why crystals get hot

2. Your intention is being amplified

Crystals have a unique structure that makes them able to amplify energy and intention. 

The idea is that when you place your energy into a stone, the crystal acts like a conductor. It channels and amplifies that energy.

When you use a crystal for healing, for example, the amplified energy can help speed up the healing process by directing more energy to the affected area. 

Similarly, when you use a crystal for manifestation, the amplified energy can help bring your desires into reality more quickly and easily.

There are many different ways to amplify energy with crystals. One common technique is to hold the crystal in your hand and visualize your energy flowing into the stone. 

You can also place the stone on an affected area of your body or near a specific energy center to direct the amplified energy to that area.

If you feel a heat sensation coming from the stone while you’re using it for healing or manifestation, it probably means that the stone is amplifying your intention. 

3. Your crystal is actively working

Crystals are believed to hold specific vibrations and energies that can be harnessed for different purposes. 

Depending on what you’re using your stone for, the heat sensation that you experience could be a sign that your crystal is working for you.

If it’s getting hot during meditation, it could be a sign that the crystal is actively working to protect you.

If the heat of your stone intensified when placed around certain people or in certain situations, this may be revealing the presence of negative energies that need to be cleared away.

It could also be a sign that your energy is becoming more aligned with your desired outcome. Basically, it’s a sign that the crystal is helping you manifest your intentions.

There could be many different reasons. You’ll have to rely on your intuition to find out what’s really happening in your case!

4. Your crystal’s vibration has increased 

Another possible reason why your crystal is getting hot could be that its vibration has increased. 

When the energy frequency of a crystal increases, it becomes more effective in healing and manifestation. And it can also create heat. 

This is because energy is a form of vibration. As the crystal’s energy frequency increases, so does its temperature. 

The heat generated by the crystal is a sign that it’s working to transmute or release negative energy stored in your body or surrounding environment.

However, not all crystals will necessarily get hot when their vibration increases. 

The manifestation of heat will depend on the crystal, the intensity of the energy being directed into it, and the environment you’re in.

crystals getting hot meaning

5. Negative energy is being released

Negative energy can come from a variety of sources, such as stress, anxiety, fear, or trauma. 

When this energy becomes stuck in the body or surrounding environment, it can cause blockages and imbalances in the flow of energy. This then can lead to physical and emotional symptoms.

Crystals are able to absorb this negative energy and transmute it into positive energy or release it back into the world. 

When negative energy is being released from a crystal, it can create a sensation of heat or warmth.

The heat generated by a crystal when negative energy is being released is a sign that the crystal is working to clear blockages and restore balance to the flow of energy in and around you. 

What should I do if my crystals are very hot?

If your crystals feel unusually hot or uncomfortable to the touch, it may be a sign that they are working for you. However, if they really become too hot to work with, here is what you can do:

Check your environment

If your crystals are constantly getting too hot during use, the first thing to check is that there are no physical or environmental factors contributing to this. 

Make sure that your crystals are not exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures that could be causing them to overheat. 

Similarly, check your own body temperature if you’re using your stones for body layouts. 

If you use your stones to open your energy centers and your body feels very warm, this could be the reason why your stones get hot. 

Take a break 

If you’re feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed by the heat coming from your crystals, take a break from using them. 

Put them down and step away from them for a few minutes to allow the energy to dissipate.

You can also take this time to reflect on your intention and the work you’ve been doing with your stones. 

Cleanse your crystals

If your crystals are getting really hot, it might be a good idea to cleanse them.

This is a good opportunity to remove any unwanted energy that might be stored within them.

To cleanse your stones you can smudge them with sage, cleanse them with water, or rice. One of the most popular techniques is to place them under the full moon. 

If you have a Selenite plate, you can put your crystals on it to cleanse and charge them as well.

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Create a crystal grid

Creating a grid is a good way to use your stones without touching them constantly.

A crystal grid can be created by placing multiple crystals in a specific pattern or layout that will enhance the stones’ energy. 

Start by choosing the main crystal for your grid and your intention. Then, select a few smaller crystals at you will place around the main stone. 

Begin by placing your central crystal in the center of your grid. 

Then, start placing the other crystals in your chosen pattern around the central stone.

Once your crystals are arranged, activate the grid with a Selenite wand or by placing your hands over the crystals and visualizing energy flowing through them. 

Bottom line

Crystals can sometimes get hot when you use them for healing or manifestation.

Whether it’s because the stone’s vibration has increased or negative energy is being released, the sensation of heat can be a sign that the crystal is working to promote healing, balance, and well-being.

If your crystals are constantly getting hot during use, consider taking a break from them or cleansing them. 

What do you think it means when your crystals get hot? Let me know in the comments below!


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I belive that it is because of them turning the bad and negative energy into positive energy.