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Unakite Meaning & Healing Properties

Unakite Meaning & Healing Properties

Unakite is a beautiful semi-precious stone containing distinct pink and green colors. Also called Epidote Granite, this stone is well-known for enhancing a person’s emotional state. This beautiful crystal has long been used by healers to promote harmony and gratitude.

It’s also the perfect stone for those who want to feel more at peace and learn to live in the present moment. Read on to discover more about the meaning and healing properties of Unakite and how to use this stone for healing.

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Unakite at a glance

ColorGreen and pink
Mineral ClassGranite
MOH Hardness6 to 7
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
FormulaKAlSi 3 08, Ca 2 (Al,Fe) 3 (SiO 4 ) 3 (OH) and SiO 2
Luster Dull
Specific Gravity2.85 to 3.20
Crystal pairingRhodonite, Red Jasper, Thulite
AffirmationI believe in myself

unakite healing properties

Common properties of Unakite

Here are some of the most common and compelling properties of the Unakite:

  • Promotes emotional healing. 
  • Inspires peace and harmony.
  • Helps you feel grateful for the blessings in life. 
  • Promotes healthy deliveries in women and boosts ovulation. 
  • Helps in the decision-making process.
  • Enhances the psychological well-being of a person. 
  • Supports recovery from long-term diseases.
  • Develops wisdom and compassion. 
  • Promotes grounding. 
  • Releases different drugs and alcohol addictions.

Meaning of Unakite

Named after the Unakas Mountains in Western North California where it was first found, Unakite is a fantastic crystal with a wide range of healing properties. 

Unakite is actually a metamorphic rock composed of pink orthoclase, quartz, and green epidote. Most specimens of this stone show a beautiful pattern of pink and green colors. 

Also called Unakite Jasper or Epidote Granite, Unakite is pretty common and can easily be found in a wide variety of sizes and shapes such as spheres, wands, or raw pieces.  

Unakite is also known for its distinct vibrations that help in healing the emotional body. This stone emits a soothing vibe that opens the Heart chakra, encouraging love and gratitude.

With a Mohs Hardness is 6 to 7, Unakite is almost as hard as Clear Quartz. It can be charged and cleansed with moon water, other crystals, or sage.

Because it has a striking mottled pattern, Unakite is often used by crafters for making eye-catching jewelry and beads. This stone is also appropriate for making sculptures, vases, window sills, facing stones, and even flooring tiles.

Over time, Unakite has become very popular among crystal lovers, not only for its beautiful array of colors but also for its amazing healing properties.

What are the healing properties of Unakite

Unakite is well known for its wealth of healing properties. As a stone for the heart, this pink and green beauty is fantastic for balancing your emotions and promoting self-love Below, you’ll find a few more ways Unakite can help you soothe your body, mind, and soul.

Physical healing properties

Unakite is a gentle, supportive stone with exceptional physical healing properties. One of this crystal’s main benefits is that it is perfect for women and it’s definitely a must-have for aspiring moms. 

This stone is fantastic for improving the health of body organs, especially of the ovaries. Unakite is useful for boosting ovulation and relieving pain related to menstrual cramps. It is also said to help remove complications during childbirth and pregnancy. 

If you are battling addictions, you can also greatly benefit from this stone. By promoting strength, Unakite helps you overcome the mental urge to use drugs or other substances. 

Another great benefit of Unakite is that it can help you lose weight and encourage you to get healthy. If you are struggling with this, then using this stone can be the extra help you need in your journey. 

Finally, Unakite has detoxifying properties that can help you cleanse your body of toxins. It also encourages cell replication and enhances the body’s immunity.

Emotional healing properties

With its strong connection to the Heart chakra, Unakite is definitely one of the best stones for emotional healing. 

It’s a crystal that emits soothing vibrations, promoting tranquility and harmony. If you want to enjoy a more peaceful life, you can wear Unakite every day.

Stress is a normal human reaction and happens to everyone. But with Unakite you’ll learn to face your life’s challenges with determination and courage. 

This stone teaches you to appreciate the simple things in life, encouraging you to be more grateful and thankful for what you have. 

Because Unakite helps you become the best version of yourself, it can be useful for those who fear failure. With this stone by your side, you’ll learn to accept your past mistakes and remember that failure is simply a part of success. 

Unakite is perfect for balancing and controlling your emotions. It helps you feel more grounded and encourages you to appreciate the present moment. This stone is perfect if you want to eliminate all kinds of negativity from your life. 

Unakite is one of the most comforting crystals you’ll find, making it the perfect stone for promoting calmness. If you struggle with any mental disorder such as depression, anxiety, or insomnia, you should definitely have this crystal in your collection. 

Metaphysical healing properties

Are you looking for a stone that will help you connect to your higher self? Then, Unakite is the perfect crystal for you. 

This stone has strong grounding properties and carries within it the energy and power from a higher realm. With Unakite, you’ll be able to connect with your guardian angels and spirit messengers.  

This stone also allows your soul to travel through different phases of life. It also strengthens the intuition when you use it during meditation. You can use Unakite for spiritual awakening or simply for getting a better understanding of the spiritual world. 

Unakite is also very useful for developing wisdom and helping you discover your psychic abilities. 

With Unakite by your side, you can reach a state of spiritual, mental, and emotional stability. 

Unakite will bring you to spiritual happiness and encourage inner peace. If you use this stone on a regular basis, you will slowly and gradually see positive changes in your life.

Unakite and the chakras

Unakite’s energy stimulates the Heart chakra, which governs your love for yourself and others. The Heart chakra is the center for emotional balance and self-acceptance but also for all of your relationships. 

When the Heart chakra is unbalanced, we may experience codependency, jealousy, and loneliness. You can use Unakite to promote compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.

Once your Heart chakra is open and balanced, you’ll be able to improve your relationships with your partner, friends, and family but most importantly with yourself. 

Best combinations to use with Unakite

Unakite is a powerful gemstone with excellent healing properties. You can combine it with other crystals to enjoy even more healing benefits. Here are a few stones that work great with Unakite:


Rhodonite and Unakite match perfectly because they both promote compassion. They fill your heart will love and empathy, helping you understand yourself and others better. Both stones help with emotional balance and have the ability to clear emotional trauma. Rhodonite also opens the heart and root chakras, making it the perfect companion for Unakite.

unakite and rhodonite together

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is known for being a stone of protection. Together with Unakite, these two stones can replace negativity with positive vibes. Red Jasper and Unakite can also provide stability to the wearer. They do this by encouraging you to have a more balanced life. Another great benefit of this combination is that both crystals can facilitate the decision-making process by promoting strength and courage. 

unakite and red jasper together


Thulite is another great crystal you can combine with Unakite. As a stone of love and passion, Thulite carries a loving vibration that will help you feel more optimistic and at ease. You can combine it with Unakite to promote compassion for yourself and those around you. If you are shy, you can use this crystal combination to encourage extroversion and build better relationships with others. 

unakite and thulite together

How to use Unakite

If you choose to use Unakite for its healing benefits, then you are sure to nourish your mind with this pink and green beauty. There are several ways you can use Unakite in your everyday life. Whether you want to leave it on your altar or use it as a powerful tool to heal, here is what you can do:

Wear crystal jewelry

Unakite is quite common so you can easily find different pieces of jewelry made with this beautiful stone. It carries loving vibes, making it easy to wear every day without feeling overwhelmed. You’ll be positively influenced by its soothing energy which will help you feel calmer and at ease throughout the day. 

Use affirmations

Using affirmations is one of the best ways to make the most of your crystal. You can use affirmations with Unakite to promote self-love and stimulate the Heart chakra. Simply take your crystal in your hand and repeat several times affirmations such as ‘I honor my life,’ ‘All I need is within me’ or ‘I am enough’. 

Make crystal grids

Unakite is a great stone for gridding. You can use it with other crystals such as Rose Quartz or Thulite for manifesting love and romance into your life. If you want to make a simple grid to release stress and negative thoughts, combine it with Clear Quartz, Rhodonite and Smoky Quartz. 

Other questions related to Unakite

Do you want to know more about Unakite? Here are some other questions you might ask yourself about this crystal: 

Where do you put Unakite?

You can put Unakite anywhere in your house. You can place it in your living room to benefit from its calming vibes or in your bedroom to promote romance. 

Unakite is also great for body layouts. Place it on your Heart chakra during meditation to promote compassion, empathy, and self-love.

Can you wear Unakite every day?

Because it emits soothing vibrations, Unakite is one of the best stones for everyday wear. You can wear it in jewelry or simply carry it with you in your pocket wherever you go. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, rub the stone for a few minutes. It’ll help you feel more relaxed. 

Can you charge Unakite in the sun?

Unakite is one of those crystals that is prone to fading when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. This means that charging Unakite in the sun can cause damage to the stone.

You can charge Unakite under the full moon, give it a sound bath or run it under running water for a few seconds. 

Where to buy Unakite

There are several places where you can buy Unakite. You either buy it at your local crystal shop or online. Here are a few online shops you might want to consider if you’re looking for Unakite:

If you’re looking for smaller specimens or jewelry, you can have a look at Etsy. You can check out the shop New Moon Beginnings, a store that has some beautiful Unakite jewelry and tumbled stones with many other gemstones. Do you want to purchase crystals online? Read my post to find the best shops!

Alternatively, you can head to the most popular marketplace in the world to find Unakite tumbled stones, beads, wands, and raw specimens. All for a very affordable price! 

crystal healing ritual printables

Bottom line

Unakite is a fantastic stone that carries a wide range of healing properties. This beautiful stone can benefit you in every stage of your life. Whether you need physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional healing, having Unakite in your collection can definitely help you. 

What are your thoughts on Unakite and its healing properties? Let me know in the comments below!