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Peach Moonstone Meaning & Healing Properties 

Revered by the ancient Indians as a “stone of happiness”, Peach Moonstone is an incredible gemstone often used to celebrate new milestones. This crystal is also well-known for enhancing creativity and soothing the emotional body. Peach Moonstone carries many more wonderful properties, making it one of the best crystals to have for all gem aficionados …

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Unakite Meaning & Healing Properties

Unakite is a beautiful semi-precious stone containing distinct pink and green colors. Also called Epidote Granite, this stone is well-known for enhancing a person’s emotional state. This beautiful crystal has long been used by healers to promote harmony and gratitude. It’s also the perfect stone for those who want to feel more at peace and learn …

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Chrysocolla Meaning & Healing Properties

Chrysocolla is a beautiful crystal that has been used for its wonderful properties since ancient times. It is a soothing crystal that can be used to bring peace and harmony into one’s life. It is also well-known for being deeply connected to the Throat and Heart chakras, promoting communication and honesty. Read on to discover …

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