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The Best Etsy Shops To Buy Rose Quartz Online

The Best Etsy Shops To Buy Rose Quartz Online

Rose Quartz, the stone of universal love, is one of the most popular gemstones of the mineral world. In fact, most crystal lovers start their collection with a  piece of Rose Quartz. Not only does it promote love, compassion, and empathy, but it is also the perfect crystal for self-love rituals. If you’re new to the crystal world, you might be worried about getting fake crystals when buying online. And this is totally understandable. Read on to discover my list of the best Etsy shops to buy Rose Quartz, and discover some tips on how to spot a fake Rose Quartz.

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1. Loving Thyself Rocks

Loving Thyself Rocks is one of my favorite crystal shops on Etsy for Rose Quartz. It features over 1,000 beautiful crystals and gemstones. What I love the most about this shop is that you can find Rose Quartz in many different shapes and sizes. 

Whether you want heart carvings, rose carvings, spheres, or towers, this shop has everything you need. It also features Rose Quartz mugs which you can use for love rituals and spells.

Also, you’ll find deep pink Rose Quartz specimens from Mozambique, which are truly unique. If you’re a crystal collector, you’ll love this shop. 

Credit: Loving Thyself Rocks

2. Rustic North NH

Rustic North NH is another wonderful crystal shop located in New Hampshire in the USA. I selected this shop because it offers Lavender Rose Quartz specimens, including points, spheres, and tumbles. Lavender Rose Quartz has a high level of titanium or manganese, which gives it its lavender color. 

Just like Rose Quartz, it promotes love and compassion. You can also use it to boost your self-esteem, bring love and joy to your life. 

Lavender Rose Quartz is not so common, so if you want to add this unique gemstone to your collection, check out Rustic North NH. 

Credit: Rustic North NH

3. The Crack Rock Shop

This shop is another fantastic option for Rose Quartz lovers. The Crack Rock Shop is located in Canada and features many different products made with genuine Rose Quartz crystals. Jewelry enthusiasts will love the beautiful pendants, rings, and bracelets available in the shop. 

Another product I recommend in this shop is the Rose Quartz self-love candle. This homemade candle can be used to promote love into your life whether it’s friendship, romantic love, or self-love. It is made of soy wax and perfumed with rose. 

If you want to engage in self-care and benefit from the power of crystals, check out the Rose Quartz face rollers. 

Credit: The Crack Rock Shop

4. World Incense Store

World Incense Store is one of the most popular shops on Etsy for Rose Quartz and other crystals. In fact, it’s even one of my favorite places for purchasing crystals online. 

In this shop, you’ll find many different varieties of raw Rose Quartz, but also polished and carved products. This store features a wide range of different gemstones. If you want to buy several specimens, this shop is your best option. 

World Incense Store also offers a crystal kit for beginners, which includes a piece of Rose Quartz. It’s a great selection for beginners who have no idea what crystals they should get to begin on their healing journey. 

Credit: World Incense Store

5. Maresia Jewelry

Maresia Jewelry is a beautiful artisan shop on Etsy. This beautiful store features a wide range of crystal jewelry made with high-quality crystals, including Rose Quartz. Whether you’re a gold or silver lover, Maresia Jewelry has something for everyone. The beautiful jewels are made with high-quality metals and are perfect for everyday wear.

My favorite products include the Rose Quartz pendants and dangle earrings, which you can find in round or oval shapes. For ring lovers, I recommend the sterling silver moon and rose quartz ring, which will be perfect for a complete witchy look. 

If you’re looking for beautiful high-quality crystal jewelry, you should definitely check out Maresia Jewelry. 

Credit: Maresia Jewelry

6. Mystic Energy Crystals

The next shop on this list is Mystic Energy Crystals. It’s another beautiful crystal Etsy shop for Rose Quartz located in Fresno, California. In this small store, you’ll find a selection of over 150 different gemstones. 

Mystic Energy Crystals feature some raw Rose Quartz specimens of various sizes, but also spheres, palm stones, and towers. Additionally, you’ll find beautiful Aura Rose Quartz products. They are absolutely gorgeous so if you don’t mind treated gemstones, I definitely recommend that you get one of these beauties.

Credit: Mystic Energy Crystals

7. Connect Co

If you’re adept at polished crystals, Connect Co has just what you need. With over 300 different products and almost 100,000 sales, this shop is definitely a good address for buying Rose Quartz online. 

One of my favorite products in this shop is the Rose Quartz Gua Sha massage tool. It can be used to massage your face and the skin on your body. It’s the ultimate self-love tool. Aura Rose Quartz lovers will definitely appreciate the large raw points offered in this shop. They are simply stunning, and pretty hard to find! 

Credit: Connect Co

8. Ring Crush 

Ring Crush has always been one of my favorites jewelry shops on Etsy. The ladies who work in this inspiring shop use electroforming and metalsmithing techniques to make the jewelry. Each piece is unique, vibrant, and stunning. Amateurs of Rose Quartz will definitely love the beautiful raw Rose Quartz rings available in gold, rose gold, or silver color. Rose Quartz necklaces and earrings are also available. 

The designs in this shop are made with many different stones including Opal, Citrine, Labradorite, or Moonstone. If you want to treat yourself or a friend to a unique piece of jewelry, Ring Crush is the shop you need to check out. 

Credit: Ring Crush

9. Essential Chakra

Essential Chakra is probably one of the best Etsy shops on this list. And it features some unique pieces of Rose Quartz. Of course, you’ll find spheres, hearts, and towers, but you’ll also find pretty Aura Rose Quartz stars, moons, and clouds – my favorites!

Animal lovers can choose between little crystal cats and unicorns. Another fabulous thing about Essential Chakra is that it features Star Rose Quartz tumbles. Star Rose Auartz has a glowing effect through it, that looks like a star. It’s actually pretty rare to find in tumbles, as the star is usually more visible on bigger specimens. 

Don’t hesitate to browse the other crystals in this shop, as there are some pretty interesting products for collectors. 

Credit: Essential Chakra

10. Geo Specimens

The last shop on this list is Geo Specimens. It’s the perfect place for buying crystals in bulk, including Rose Quartz. This shop essentially sells raw specimens, but it also features some tumbled stones. 

The prices are really attractive, so if you need a large quantity of Rose Quartz, that’s the shop you’re looking for. It’s great for those who love DIY or want to create something with raw gemstones for example. 

Other than Rose Quartz, you’ll also find Amethyst, Calcite, and Agate crystals in this shop. 

Credit: Geo Specimens

How much is a Rose Quartz crystal worth?

Rose Quartz is relatively common, but it is also a very special mineral that holds value. Several factors are taken into consideration when determining the value of a crystal. Clarity, condition, size, quantity, and general aesthetics are important factors when grading a stone.

Is the crystal damaged? Is it light pink or dark pink? What’s the size? These are all important things to notice before buying. Generally speaking, raw Rose Quartz specimens go for about $10-$15 per pound. Polished pieces such as spheres or towers run from $25-$50 per pound. 

If you have never bought Rose Quartz before, I recommend that you compare several shops to see the average price. This will really help you figure out the right price to pay. 

How can you tell if Rose Quartz is real?

Rose quartz can easily be found in nature. However, many sellers try to cheat the system and abuse buyers by making fake crystals. So, it is important to know what to look for. 

The easiest way to figure out if your Rose Quartz crystal is fake or not is to look for imperfections in the crystal’s texture. Fake Rose Quartz usually comes in the form of glass. And glass is a clear, smooth, and consistent material. Natural Rose Quartz has lines, cracks, and inclusions inside. 

The most important thing to know is that glass often has small bubbles in it. Natural Rose Quartz, on the other hand, doesn’t. So if you see bubbles in your crystal, it’s a pretty good sign that it is fake. 

Another great way to check the authenticity of your crystal is to test its hardness. Rose Quartz has a MOH hardness of 7. This means that it should not scratch if you use a tool softer than that, such as a knife. Try to scratch your crystal with a knife, and if it does leave a mark, it means your Rose Quartz is not authentic. 

Finally, the best way to not get cheated is to buy from a reputable seller. All the shops I recommend in this article sell genuine, 100% authentic gemstones. You can buy with confidence and without worrying about getting a fake crystal.

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Bottom line

Rose Quartz is a beautiful and versatile crystal. This pink beauty has a wide range of wonderful healing properties. Whether you want to feel more confident, heal your broken heart or promote friendship, Rose Quartz can help. It has a soothing energy that anyone can benefit from. 

If you’re looking for the best Etsy shops to buy Rose Quartz online, you can definitely trust the stores I mention in this article. They are affordable, reliable and sell authentic crystals and gemstones. Do you want to buy crystals online? Click here to discover more beautiful crystal shops on Etsy. Which Etsy shop is your favorite for buying Rose Quartz? Let me know in the comments below!

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