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10 Healing Crystals To Ward Off Negativity

10 Healing Crystals To Ward Off Negativity

In this article: Discover the best crystals to ward off negativity and their benefits!

Negativity can sneak into your life and limit your potential to reach your goals. It causes more stress and can even lead to more serious problems like anxiety or depression.

For this reason, it is important to protect your space and body from negative energies.

Crystals are fantastic spiritual tools that can limit the amount of negativity you experience by transmuting this energy into positivity.

If you want to invite love and light into your life, read on to discover ten of the best crystals to ward off negativity and how to use them. 

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Quick Overview

Here are the ten best crystals and stones to ward off negativity: 

  • Black Tourmaline for grounding.
  • Red Jasper for EMF protection.
  • Smoky Quartz for preventing psychic attacks.
  • Selenite for cleansing.
  • Lepidolite for dissipating emotional negativity.
  • Carnelian for banishing bad feelings.
  • Black Obsidian for releasing trauma.
  • Zebra Jasper for spiritual practices.
  • Mahogany Obsidian for safety.
  • Shungite for physical and emotional balance. 

Keep reading for more details on how these stones can help you in your daily life. 

1. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline meaning

Also known as Schorl, Black Tourmaline is a powerful protector that is perfect for grounding and recharging.

Because it is strongly connected to the base chakra, Black Tourmaline is definitely one of the best crystals to ward off negativity.

This crystal has been used for protection since ancient times. Magicians heavily relied on Black Tourmaline to protect them from demons. You can also use it as a psychic shield during rituals. 

If you feel like you are surrounded by negative energy, you can carry this crystal with you to deflect bad vibes and keep you safe. 

Black Tourmaline is a fantastic energy cleansing tool. Not only does it absorb negativity, but it also prevents it from entering your space.


2. Red Jasper

red jasper meaning

Known for being a talisman of warriors, Red Jasper is said to promote courage and strength. But this magical crystal is also one of the most protective stones you’ll ever find.

In fact, Red Jasper makes an ideal worry stone because it eliminates negative energy, returning it to its source. 

One of the best ways to keep the negative energy away from your aura is to keep Red Jasper in your pocket throughout the day.

This crystal’s grounding energy promotes emotional balance, making you feel more calm and relaxed. 

Another great benefit of Red Jasper is that it absorbs electromagnetic pollution.

Place it in your home to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields emitted by your computer, microwave, TV, and other electronic devices.


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3. Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz meaning

Third, on our list of the best crystals to ward off negativity is Smoky Quartz. It has the power to shield your aura from unwanted energies and can prevent psychic attacks.

Because Smoky Quartz is a powerful cleansing tool, you can use it to remove negativity out of your energy field.

Additionally, it makes a great companion for meditation and other spiritual practices. 

Smoky Quartz resonates with the root chakra, making it the perfect crystal for transmuting negative feelings, stress, and anxiety into positive vibrations.

It is especially useful for promoting positive thoughts and actions. 

Finally, you can place a piece of Smoky Quartz under your pillow to ward off nightmares and promote peaceful sleep.


4. Selenite 

selenite meaning

Named after Selene, the green goddess of the moon, Selenite is the ultimate crystal for cleansing and clearing negative energies.

It is a powerful energy purifier that banishes negativity in any space. 

Selenite connects to the crown chakra, our energy center for spirituality. This crystal is said to help us connect to higher dimensions, removing energy blockages and allowing positive energy to flow.

Selenite’s connection to the higher chakras also makes it a great tool for meditation work. 

One of the best things about Selenite is that it can be used to cleanse other crystals.

All you have to do is lay your crystals on a piece of Selenite for a few hours to clear them from all negative vibes.


5. Lepidolite

lepidolite meaning

Lepidolite is a shimmering mica crystal known for its calming and stabilizing properties.

Because it is rich in lithium, it is particularly useful for dissipating emotional negativity. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, Lepidolite is definitely a stone to keep around. 

Negative energy around us can make us feel down or irritable. Lepidolite brings balance and inner peace, helping us understand the reason behind our negativity.  

Lepidolite’s gentle vibrations encourage you to let go of what’s bothering you while giving you the strength to move forward.

By helping you release destructive habits, Lepidolite enables you to change your mindset and improve your mood.


6. Carnelian

carnelian meaning

Next on our list of the best crystals to ward off negativity is Carnelian. It is a sunny crystal that promotes positivity, happiness, and joy.

It acts as a motivator, dispelling apathy and encouraging you to live your dream life. 

Another great benefit of Carnelian is that it is believed to banish bad feelings which can help you keep your negativity at bay.

Next time you’re feeling angry, upset, or annoyed, consider wearing Carnelian jewelry to benefit from its wonderful healing properties throughout the day. 

Carnelian is also a magical crystal and a talisman for success. It attracts abundance, prosperity, and money while boosting your drive and determination.

If you have low self-esteem that’s causing you to self-sabotage, Carnelian’s beautiful energy will help you become more confident.


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7. Black Obsidian

black obsidian meaning

Black Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones for cleansing your space of negativity. It absorbs negative energies from the environment, shielding your aura at the same time. 

This beautiful dark crystal helps you deal with unresolved issues by pushing negative emotions to the surface so that you can allow yourself to feel them fully.

Another great benefit of Black Obsidian is that it releases emotional trauma, bringing comfort during times of grief. 

If you want to overcome the victim mindset, carry a piece of Black Obsidian with you. It’ll empower you whenever you’re facing challenges and obstacles.


8. Zebra Jasper

zebra jasper meaning

Zebra Jasper may not be the most popular crystal but it definitely carries many wonderful properties. If you want to remove negativity and find balance in life, Zebra Jasper is the crystal you need.   

This beautiful crystal is white with uneven black stripes, which means that it resonates with both the root and crown chakras.

This makes it a very powerful tool for meditation and other spiritual practices. 

It’s also a mood-lifting crystal that carries an endless source of positive energy. Carry it with you to feel more optimistic and improve your mood when needed.

If you have bad habits or addictions, Zebra Jasper is one of the best crystals to help you overcome them. It brings clarity of mind and encourages healing.


9. Mahogany Obsidian

mahogany obsidian meaning

Mahogany Obsidian is a stone of protection that absorbs all types of negative energies.

It activates the lower three chakras, stimulating passion, creativity, and strength. It’s a wonderful stone for those who want to bring their thoughts into action.

The best thing about Mahogany Obsidian is that it has the power to make you feel safe while releasing your inner limitations.

If you find yourself having a tough time making decisions, use this crystal to eliminate all hesitation and facilitate the decision-making process. 

Mahogany Obsidian is also a great tool for stimulating personal growth. It’s perfect for working on releasing negative vibrations that could cause discomfort, especially during meditation.


10. Shungite

shungite meaning

Last on our list of the best crystals to ward off negativity is Shungite. It’s a beautiful crystal that is often used to neutralize negative energies in space and around the body. It brings back physical and emotional balance. 

Shungite is a very powerful cleanser. In fact, this crystal banishes all negative things in your life that are draining you of your energy.

It encourages you to invest your energy more wisely and save it for things that really matter. 

If you feel overwhelmed, wear a piece of Shungite jewelry to benefit from its wonderful grounding energy.


How to use crystals to ward off negativity

The crystals I mention in this article are perfect for getting rid of negative energy and cleansing bad vibes. If you’re looking for interesting ways to use your crystals, here are some of my favorite ways to use them. 


Meditation is an important practice for removing negative energies. Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, and Selenite are the best crystals to use.

They will clear, balance, and open your chakras while removing energy blockages. All you have to do is hold a crystal in your hand during the practice.

Alternatively, you can create a crystal grid around you or on your body.

Use affirmations 

If you want to control negative feelings such as frustration, anger, or impatience, you can use affirmations. Positive affirmations are very powerful for stress management and can help you reach your goals faster.

You can use affirmations like ‘I welcome positivity into my life’, ‘I let go of things that no longer serve me’, or ‘I transform negativity into love and light’ while holding a crystal. 

Wear your crystals

Crystals work closely with your energy points. Wearing them on your body enables them to work more effectively.

I recommend wearing Carnelian to promote optimism and happiness. Its warm color will instantly put you in a good mood! To absorb residue from your negative emotions and thoughts, wear Smoky Quartz jewelry. 

Place your crystals around your home

Black Tourmaline, Selenite, and Shungite are perfect for home protection. Ideally, you should place them in your living room or office.

You can put Black Tourmaline at the door to prevent negative energies from entering your home. To learn more about how to protect your house from negativity, read this post.

Bottom line

Whether you want to protect your aura from negative energies or keep energy vampires away, crystals can help. With their powerful healing vibrations, they create a shield of protection around your body and cleanse your space. 

You can place your crystals around your home to benefit from their healing properties and protect the members of your household. 

Alternatively, you can carry them with you to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

What crystal do you use to ward off negativity? Let me know in the comments below! 

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