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10 Powerful Crystals For The Throat Chakra

10 Powerful Crystals For The Throat Chakra

If you find it hard to be your authentic self or if you struggle with miscommunication in your relationships, your throat chakra may be out of balance. The good news is, you can use crystals to heal this chakra. In fact, some crystals are directly connected to the throat chakra and can help you open, cleanse, and balance it. Below, you’ll find more info on the best crystals to use for the fifth chakra, and how to use them.

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Quick overview

Here are the ten best crystals and stones for the Throat chakra: 

  • Aquamarine
  • Celestite
  • Turquoise
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Angelite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Blue Apatite
  • Sodalite
  • Larimar
  • Amazonite

Keep reading for more details on the Throat chakra and how these stones can help you activate your energy center. 

About the Throat Chakra

  • Name in Sanskrit: Vishuddha, it means ‘especially pure’
  • Location: Region of the throat, jaw, neck, and mouth
  • Element: Ether
  • Color: Blue
  • Signs of balance: Ability to listen, speak and express yourself openly and authentically
  • Signs of imbalance: Difficulty staying true to yourself, trouble expressing your needs and desires, gossiping, difficulty listening to others

Often associated with communication and the ability to speak your inner truth, the Throat chakra is the fifth chakra. It is also referred to as Vishuddha and is located at the throat, around the mouth and jaw. It is blue in color.

The throat chakra is related to the way we speak, listen, and express ourselves. Basically, it influences the way we communicate and interact with others. 

The Vishuddha is also where we connect with the etheric realm, spirit guides, and angles. It is related to your sense of purpose and vocation. An imbalanced throat chakra can make you feel insecure, timid, and introverted. You may also feel like you have no control over your speech. 

10 powerful crystals for the Throat Chakra

The unique vibrations of crystals can help you cleanse, restore, and balance your throat chakra. If you have trouble expressing your feeling and emotions, read on to discover 10 of the best crystals for healing the Vishuddha.  

1. Aquamarine

aquamarine meaning

Aquamarine is a powerful crystal for stimulating the throat chakra. In fact, it is very helpful in assisting you both with honest communication and stress reduction. 

Known as the Stone of Courage, Aquamarine carries a soothing vibration that resonates with the fifth chakra. By promoting self-expression, this nurturing crystal gives you the power to overcome fear of speaking.

If you want to encourage clarity of thought, you can use Aquamarine to sharpen the intellect and clear confusion. Since it is strongly connected to the throat chakra, Aquamarine is a good stone for overcoming judgmentalism, supporting sensitive people, and soothing fears.

Additionally, Aquamarine shields the aura and aligns the chakras. This is also an exceptional tool for meditation or any type of spiritual practice.

2. Celestite

celestite meaning

Celestite is soothing and protecting. More than that, it is an excellent crystal that brings courage, peace, and deep inner self-knowledge. 

If you want to reveal your inner truth, Celestite can give you the emotional support that you need. Because it connects to higher realms, this beautiful blue crystal is especially useful to stimulate clarity and creativity. 

Additionally, Celestite can be used to enhance relationships and encourage compassion. Its strong connection to the throat chakra will also help you express feelings and emotions with confidence. 

Celestite also inspires honesty and morality. It is also very useful if you need to confront someone or for public speaking.

3. Turquoise

Turquoise meaning

Turquoise is an excellent purification stone, making it the perfect companion for protection against outside influences or negative energies.

Often used for healing depression, Turquoise can stabilize mood swings and encourage inner calm. This beautiful blue crystal is also known for promoting self-realization and stimulating romantic love. 

Turquoise is deeply connected to the throat chakra. And with its powerful protecting force, this gemstone can help keep this chakra balanced. This promotes self-confidence, honesty, and self-expression. 

Enveloping you with a cloak of serenity, this crystal promotes courage, strength, and calmness of mind. You can wear Turquoise to welcome compassion, wise words, and ideas.

4. Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate meaning

Blue Lace Agate is a beautiful light blue stone that will connect to your throat chakra. This promotes the expression of thoughts and feelings and allows you to release negative energies that are stopping you from manifesting your highest spiritual truths. 

With its soothing vibrations, Blue Lace Agate will keep you safe, calm, and bring you a sense of peace. 

This crystal’s powerful energy dissolves communication blockages caused by an imbalance in the throat chakra so that you can let go of your fear, shyness, and insecurity.  

Additionally, Blue Lace Agate is a powerful tool that can help you neutralize anger and stimulate your creativity.

5. Angelite

angelite meaning

As the stone of awareness, Angelite helps you speak your truth while enhancing communication and self-expression. It particularly affects the throat chakra, bringing it back into balance. 

By dispelling fear, anger, and anxiety, Angelite clears out negative energies and brings faith and tranquility to its wearer. This crystal aligns perfectly with the Vishuddha chakra to encourage forgiveness and compassion. With Angelite, you’re less likely to let negative feelings such as frustration or resentment get to you. 

If you’re having trouble connecting with your higher self, this crystal can definitely be beneficial for you. It will help you move forward by enhancing communication with spirit guides and angels. Also, it is helpful to transmute pain into healing, facilitating the rebirthing process.

6. Blue Kyanite

blue kyanite meaning

Kyanite is a powerful calming stone that can be used for mediation and attunement. With its strong connection to the throat chakra, this gemstone is useful to lift confusion, drive away frustration and anxiety.

More than that, this blue crystal can bring you emotional calmness and assist in communication difficulties. It can be a powerful tool for stimulating energy and encouraging perseverance. 

With its gentle energy, Kyanite will help realign your Vishuddha so that you can feel at ease and serene. Finally, this powerful gemstone can also teach you to connect with your spirit guides and can be used to stimulate healing dreams.

7. Blue Apatite

blue apatite meaning

With its beautiful shades of blue, Apatite can be very useful for balancing the throat chakra. 

As a stone of manifestation, Blue Apatite can stimulate the development of your psychic gifts and spiritual attunement. This gentle crystal can also be used to clear negative emotions such as confusion, frustration, and irritability. 

The throat chakra is responsible for communication and self-expression. If it’s unbalanced, you may have a harder time communicating effectively. You can use Blue Apatite to aid speak your personal truth and express your thoughts.

8. Sodalite

sodalite meaning

Sodalite is one of the best crystals for the throat chakra. It brings order and calmness to the mind, making you feel self-assured and serene. 

By promoting objectivity and truth, Sodalite encourages confidence, creativity, and communication. It enhances self-esteem and self-trust, making it a great stone for artists and performers. 

Sodalite can also be used to help express yourself and overcome your fear of being out of control. 

Neck pain, thyroid issues, and ear infections stem from the throat chakra being out of balance. Sodalite has the ability to help you overcome these problems by balancing the metabolism and boosting your immune system.

9. Larimar

larimar meaning

With its beautiful caribbean blue color, Larimar provides an instant connection to the throat chakra. By aiding communication issues, this vibrant crystal can help you release stress and bring you clarity with it.

This transformational crystal can teach you to better verbalize your thoughts, ideas, and emotions while opening your mind to new horizons. Also useful for raising consciousness, Larimar can bring prophetic dreams and visions, and help you communicate with spirit guides. 

Additionally, Larimar can be used to encourage the power of truth, making it a great crystal for those who find it difficult to be real and sincere around others.

10. Amazonite

amazonite meaning

Amazonite’s beautiful energy is very soothing to the wearer. With its lovely cream veins, it’s the perfect crystal to heal an unbalanced throat chakra. 

It is also a stone that inspires truth, integrity, and trust. This crystal is said to bring clarity while promoting sincerity and communication.

If you’re excessively shy and secretive, Amazonite can help you alleviate your fears and encourage you to find your purpose. It will give you the power to manifest and speak your truth.

By helping you gain self-confidence and encouraging self-expression, this energetic crystal will help you get your point across. It also promotes openness and social ease, and can even stimulate creativity.

How to use crystals for the Throat Chakra

There are many ways you can use the ten crystals mentioned in this post to heal your throat chakra. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your gemstones:

Wear them

Wear your crystals in jewelry around your neck or wrist to enhance their healing properties. I recommend wearing a short necklace so that the crystal can rest directly on your throat and be in direct contact with your skin. 


Meditation with crystals is one of the most effective ways to heal the fifth chakra. Place one of the crystals mentioned in this post on your throat or hold it in your hand, while focusing on releasing your anger and speaking your truths. 

Place them around your home

Keep your blue gemstones in your bedroom or office to encourage communication, remove blockages, and promote assertiveness. 

Keep your crystals under your pillow

Place a crystal beside your bed or under your pillow to promote creativity, self-confidence, and self-expression while you sleep.

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Bottom line

If you’re not able to listen to others, lack purpose in life, or aren’t able to keep your word, these ten crystals for the throat chakra can help. With their unique properties and characteristics, they will balance, cleanse, and open your Vishuddha. Also, they will facilitate communication, encourage you to speak your truth, and express your feelings. Which crystal for the throat chakra is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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