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15 Best Crystals For Witches

15 Best Crystals For Witches

In this article: Discover the best crystals for witches and their benefits!

Crystals come directly from the earth and hold the infinite power that lies in her. Many different cultures have long been using this power to improve health and life.

Witches understand this power as well and add it to their magickal practice.

The unique vibrations of crystals make them wonderful tools for casting spells or performing rituals.

As a witch, you can use gemstones to channel and modify energy, set intentions, and practice crystal magic.

Read on to discover the 15 best crystals for witches and how to use them in witchcraft.  

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Quick Overview

Here are the ten best crystals for witches: 

  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Citrine
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Rose Quartz
  • Hematite
  • Rainbow Fluorite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Carnelian
  • Black Obsidian
  • Pyrite
  • Labradorite

Keep reading for more details on how these crystals can help you in your witchcraft practice. 

1. Amethyst

amethyst meaning

Amethyst is everyone’s favorite crystal. It is a protective gemstone that is perfect for witches.

This beautiful mineral is often used to soothe stress and irritability. It is said that Amethyst can also dispel anger and balance mood swings. 

With its powerful energy, Amethyst can dissolve negative energy and protect the wearer from all types of harm.

Amethyst is particularly useful for witches who want to improve their psychic abilities.

Its purple color and vibration can help you tune in to your intuition and encourage spiritual awareness. 

Another great benefit of Amethyst is that you can use it to encourage sobriety or recovery from addiction.

It also calms an overactive mind, helping you focus on what’s important.

One of the best ways to use Amethyst is to meditate with it for a few minutes before bed. It will promote healthy rest, dispel nightmares and promote lucid dreaming.


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2. Clear Quartz

clear quartz meaning

Clear Quartz, also known as the ‘Master Healer’, is one of the most powerful crystals of the mineral kingdom. It’s a versatile crystal and a must-have for all witches.

It can be easily programmed for any purpose. 

This gemstone is commonly used to amplify the properties of other crystals. It is said that Clear Quartz absorbs and balances all types of energy.

You can even use it to neutralize electromagnetic smog emitted by devices. 

Because it is connected to the crown chakra, Clear Quartz stimulates spiritual awareness and can be used to enhance psychic abilities.

It also brings mental clarity and enhances focus. Witches absolutely need this multipurpose crystal.

They often keep a piece of Clear Quartz on their altar or use it for different types of spells.


3. Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz meaning

Next on our list of the best crystals for witches is Smoky Quartz.

This crystal comes in a wide range of colors from dark yellow to dark brown. It’s a powerful grounding stone that dispels fear, depression, and negativity. 

This crystal is especially useful for witches who want to release emotional stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts.

This wonderful gemstone promotes positive thinking and can be used for manifestation. 

This type of quartz is best for cleansing, detoxifying, and protecting your aura. If you need grounding, you can use Smoky Quartz during meditation.

Witches often use Smoky Quartz when doing spirit work, as it protects against malevolent spirits with ill intent and psychic attacks.


4. Selenite

selenite meaning

Selenite is a type of mineral gypsum. Its name comes from the Greek word Selenites, meaning stone of the moon.

This strong connection to the moon and its cycles makes it one of the best crystals for witches. 

You can use this soft crystal to create crystal grids, decorate your altar, or for your spells.

Selenite is also known for its cleansing properties, which means you can use it to cleanse your other crystals or your divination tools.

Another great benefit of Selenite is that it opens the crown chakra, making it the perfect stone for spiritual work.

It’s especially effective for accessing past and future lives. Finally, you can use Selenite to improve focus and clear confusion.

If you need to make an important decision, Selenite is definitely the crystal you need.


5. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline meaning

Also known as Schorl, Black Tourmaline is an essential crystal for witches.

It’s a common mineral that contains sodium, magnesium, and iron elements that determine its black color. 

Black Tourmaline has many wonderful healing properties. It is one of the best crystals for protection as it is very grounding.

This crystal is especially useful for witches who want to connect to mother earth. It is often used in rituals for releasing negative energy, cleansing the aura, and fighting energy vampires. 

You can meditate with Black Tourmaline to release anger or balance your energy.

It is said that Black Tourmaline can also protect you from electromagnetic smog, so keep it near your computer and other electronic devices that you use often.


6. Citrine

citrine meaning

Citrine is an amazing yellow crystal that is very rare to find. Nowadays, most Citrine sold on the market is actually heat-treated Amethyst.

This is done by exposing Amethyst to extreme conditions of heat, making its color change from purple to dark yellow. 

With its sunny color, Citrine is a fantastic stone for energy and motivation.

It radiates positive energy and encourages joy, enthusiasm, and happiness. You can use this crystal to boost your self-confidence and strengthen your intellect.

Also called the Merchant Stone, Citrine is one of the best crystals for abundance and prosperity.

Witches can use Citrine for money spells. Write down a money affirmation such as ‘I am a money magnet’ or ‘Money comes to me easily’ on a piece of paper.

Place Citrine on this piece of paper, and light a green candle while setting the intent that it will attract more abundance into your life.


7. Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye meaning

Tiger’s Eye is a variety of Quartz now for its beautiful chatoyancy and vibrant stripes of gold and brown color.

It’s mysterious, powerful, and definitely one of the best crystals for witches. 

As a stone of protection, Tiger’s Eye has the power to dispel fear and anxiety. It is a powerful crystal, often used to promote strength, willpower, and courage.

It helps you pay attention to what’s important while preparing you for positive action. 

By bringing emotional stability, this crystal helps you solve problems and make better decisions unclouded by emotions.

Tiger’s Eye is also a popular stone for luck and good fortune. It can be used to attract money and prosperity as well.


8. Rose Quartz

rose quartz meaning

Rose Quartz is another popular crystal among witches.

Known as the stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz promotes all types of love including friendship, self-love, and of course, romantic love. 

With its soothing pink color, Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra to promote inner peace, calm, and harmony.

It’s a reassuring crystal that can also comfort you in times of grief and sorrow. 

As a witch, you can use Rose Quartz in your self-love rituals. It will help boost your self-confidence while releasing stress.

It is also often used in love and beauty spells, elixirs, and manifestation rituals.

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, you can keep Rose Quartz on your altar as a reminder to engage in self-care daily.


9. Hematite

hematite meaning

Hematite is another fantastic protective stone for witches. Its high iron content makes it one of the best stones for blood circulation.

More than that, it’s a detoxifying crystal that can really help you heal your body, mind, and soul. 

Its strong connection to the root chakra makes it the perfect stone for witches who want to deepen their connection with the earth.

Also called the ‘Stone for the Mind’, Hematite absorbs negative energies and stimulates focus. 

Hematite promotes courage and strength. It’s a great stone for empaths who need protection, but also for those who need a little boost to overcome life challenges. 

As a witch, you can meditate with Hematite to center and balance yourself whenever you need it.

Alternatively, you can carry it in your purse or pocket to absorb negative feelings and toxic emotions throughout the day.


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10. Rainbow Fluorite

rainbow fluorite meaning

Rainbow Fluorite is a versatile crystal that is perfect for everyone.

It comes in a wide range of colors including blue, yellow, green, and purple. This makes it a fantastic crystal for connecting and balancing all the chakras. 

It’s a soothing stone that calms overactive minds. It increases concentration and focus, helping you make decisions with unclouded emotions. 

It can also be used to cleanse and balance the aura. However, don’t forget to cleanse it often as it can quickly absorb all the negative energies present in the environment. 

Another great benefit of Fluorite is that you can use it for spiritual work.

You can use a Rainbow Fluorite pendulum for energy detection, divination, or contacting spirits for example.


11. Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli meaning

Lapis Lazuli is a fascinating crystal that combines three minerals: Calcite, Lazurite, and Pyrite. It is a stone of protection that connects to the higher chakras. 

This crystal is perfect for boosting intuition and promoting psychic abilities.

Therefore, it’s an essential crystal for beginner witches who want to develop their psychic gifts. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful manifestation stone that encourages clear communication.

This makes it a great crystal to use during tarot sessions. 

One of the main benefits of Lapis Lazuli is that it encourages self-awareness and encourages you to reveal your inner truth.

It can be useful for witches who are unsure of which path they should choose.

By promoting honesty, compassion, and self-expression, Lapis Lazuli will help you embrace your true self and live an authentic life.


12. Carnelian

carnelian meaning

Next on this list of the best crystals for witches is Carnelian. With its sunny color, this crystal boosts vitality and motivation.

If you lack courage or positivity, you can use Carnelian to dispel apathy and motivate yourself for success. 

Another great benefit of Carnelian is that it stimulates creativity.

It promotes concentration, helping you seek out the things that inspire you and focusing your attention on the task at hand.

Carnelian is also known for boosting fertility and stimulating sexuality. 

If you’re a witch who lacks self-confidence, you can combine Carnelian with Rose Quartz in a self-love ritual. This will boost your self-esteem.


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13. Black Obsidian

black obsidian meaning

As a dark crystal, Black Obsidian is another fantastic stone for grounding. It’s a powerful cleanser and a strong protection stone.

If you need to release negativity, Black Obsidian is definitely the crystal for you. 

Black Obsidian has a strong connection to the spirit realm. Witches often use it in scrying or divination.

It is a powerful stone for psychic protection and can also be especially useful when seeking guidance from spirit guides. 

With its powerful energy, Black Obsidian will create a shield around the aura to create a safe space for you to work through your emotional issues.

You can meditate with Black Obsidian to connect to the earth, strengthen your mind and focus your energy.


14. Pyrite

pyrite meaning

Pyrite is a mineral composed of iron and sulfur. It’s also called Fool’s Gold because it looks a lot like the precious metal. 

This crystal is commonly used to encourage prosperity and abundance.

In fact, it’s the ultimate crystal for money. Pyrite is an amazing stone to use in money spells and rituals.

If you run a business, you can place a piece of Pyrite on your business card to promote success. 

Another great benefit of Pyrite is that it is strongly connected to the solar plexus chakra.

This means it’s a stone that inspires creativity, encourages strength, and willpower.

With Pyrite, you’ll learn to live up to your full potential.


15. Labradorite

labradorite meaning

Last on this list of the best crystals for witches is Labradorite. It’s a feldspar mineral that originates from Labrador in Canada.

However, it can also be found in other places such as Madagascar. 

As a ‘Stone of Transformation’, Labradorite is a great crystal for those who are going through change.

If you’re a witch looking for your path, you can use Labradorite to guide you as it is also excellent for strengthening intuition.

Labradorite’s connection to the third eye chakra can help you raise consciousness and promote psychic abilities.

This wonderful iridescent crystal will strengthen your will and teach you to trust the universe. It helps you accept that you are right where you are supposed to be. 

As a witch, the best way you can use Labradorite is in meditation. This is beneficial to calm your mind and develop new ideas.

With Labradorite, you will also be more open to new opportunities.


How to use crystals for witches

Now that we know what are the best crystals for witches, here are some of the best ways you can use them: 

Put crystals on your altar 

Witches often have a special place where they put symbolic and functional items such as shells, feathers, runes, or candles.

You can also place crystals for witches on your altar and use them when you are saying prayers or casting spells. 

Wear crystal jewelry

If you want to keep your crystals near your all day, the best thing to do is to wear crystal jewelry.

Not all crystals can be worn in jewelry, as some of them are soft and can scratch easily. The best crystals for witches to wear are Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine, and Tiger’s Eye. 


Many witches include divination as a part of their craft, and crystals are amazing divination tools.

They can often be found in the shape of pendulums and can be used to contact spirits or detect energy.

Crystals that develop psychic abilities such as Lapis Lazuli or Labradorite are especially useful for divination work.

Make crystal grids

A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals into geometric patterns.

This creates a strong link between your crystals and your intention and enhances the energy of your crystals.

You can use them to set intentions and promote personal growth in the long term. 

Use them for spells and rituals

You can amplify the effect of your intentions, spells, and rituals with crystals. The best way to use your crystals in spells is to match their properties to your intention.

For example, if you’re casting a spell to attract money, use Citrine or Pyrite in your ritual as they are both strongly connected to abundance and prosperity.  

Bottom line

Whether you want to cast spells, make crystal grids, or simply keep crystals on your altar, crystals are a witch’s best friend.

You can learn to channel and use their energy to stimulate personal growth and manifest anything you want.

Using crystals in witchcraft will actually teach you to make good use of their many benefits. You don’t need many gemstones to perform powerful spells and rituals.

Having just a handful is more than enough, especially if you’re new to witchcraft and the crystal world. 

What are your favorite crystals for witches? Let me know in the comments below! Did you enjoy reading this post? Pin it!

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