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12 Essential Crystals For Self-Love

12 Essential Crystals For Self-Love

In this article: Discover the best crystals for self-love and their benefits!

Learning to love yourself is one of the most important things you can do in life.

Once you become your own source of love, your life changes. Your relationships, your career, and even your health.

They all start to flourish when you start to love yourself. Self-love is not about being selfish or narcissistic. We practice self-love so we can live a happy and healthy life.

With crystals by your side, you can learn to focus on your strengths and allow yourself to celebrate your imperfections.

Their loving vibes can help you heal and get into the habit of loving yourself more. Over time, you will replace complaints with gratitude and become happier.

Read on to discover the 12 best crystals for self-love and how to use them.  

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Quick Overview

Here are the twelve best crystals and stones for self-love: 

  • Rose Quartz for self-confidence. 
  • Rhodochrosite for balancing your emotions.
  • Lepidolite for clearing emotional blockages.
  • Morganite for overcoming self-doubt.
  • Malachite for change.
  • Rainbow Moonstone for inner growth.
  • Rhodonite for moving on.
  • Amethyst for promoting positive thoughts.
  • Red Jasper for grounding.
  • Amazonite for releasing anxiety.
  • Mangano Calcite for releasing past traumas.
  • Citrine for joy and happiness.

Keep reading for more details on how these stones can help you in your daily life. 

1. Rose Quartz

rose quartz meaning

Rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love, is definitely one of my favorite crystals for self-love. Its gentle vibrations will teach you to see beauty in yourself and those around you. 

People who’ve been hurt in past relationships often feel like they are unlovable, and have low self-confidence.

With Rose Quartz, you’ll work on becoming more comfortable with yourself. It will reassure you and make you feel worthy of love again. 

Rose Quartz is also a fantastic tool to use with affirmations. Sit down, close your eyes, and hold your Rose Quartz crystal in your left hand.

Say ‘I love myself unconditionally’ several times and envision the crystal absorbing your intention. Doing this every day will rewire your brain and encourage self-acceptance.


2. Rhodochrosite

rhodochrosite meaning

As a stone for selfless love, Rhodochrosite is another fantastic crystal for those who want to love themselves more.

This pink-hued beauty brings inner peace and harmony. This means that you can use Rhodochrosite to balance your emotions and improve your happiness.

It is also very useful for healing past traumas. 

Most of us find it easier to love others than to love ourselves. In fact, we subject ourselves to criticism, unhealthy relationships, and even toxic substances.

With Rhodochrosite, you’ll learn that loving yourself isn’t selfish. It is necessary. 

Another great benefit of Rhodochrosite is that you can use it to open the heart chakra. It encourages a positive attitude and helps you see the good things in life.


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3. Lepidolite

lepidolite meaning

Lepidolite is a crystal that activates and energizes the crown chakra and can be very useful for those who want to encourage self-love.

This gemstone, also known as the stone of transition, helps you change old behavioral patterns. It does so by clearing emotional blockages and reducing stress.

It can also dissipate negativity, making it the perfect crystal for those who feel like they are not good enough.

Another great benefit of Lepidolite is that it encourages independence by boosting your self-confidence and sense of self-worth. 

With its soothing energy, Lepidolite helps you focus on your own self-care and stimulates acceptance of the self and others.


4. Morganite

morganite meaning

Morganite is one of the strongest heart stones of the crystal kingdom. It resonates with the heart chakra and soothes the mind.

Its compassionate energy helps you overcome self-doubt and encourages loving thoughts.

Reflecting on your mistakes can help you forgive yourself. This is where Morganite can assist.

It helps you move on and teaches you to love yourself despite any mistakes you made in the past. 

This crystal fills the aura with calming and relaxing energy. It reminds you of your heart’s power and gives you the confidence to face negative feelings.

This will give you the courage to love again.


5. Malachite

malachite meaning

Malachite is directly connected to the heart chakra, making it the perfect crystal for self-love.

If you always put other people’s needs first, Malachite will encourage you to put yourself first instead.

You can do so without feeling selfish or guilty for thinking about your own well-being. 

If you’re struggling to love yourself, it might be because you are staying in your comfort zone. With its vibrant green energy, Malachite encourages risk-taking and change. 

It helps you understand your own needs so that you can commit to doing things that you like and that bring joy to your life.

With Malachite, you’ll learn to believe in yourself and everything that you can achieve.



6. Rainbow Moonstone

rainbow moonstone meaning

Rainbow Moonstone is a calming crystal often used in self-love rituals. With its beautiful blue sheen, this powerful gemstone connects to the divine feminine to promote inner growth and strength. 

Moonstone soothes emotional stress and stabilizes emotions. It’s a gemstone that will open your heart to self-acceptance and boost your self-worth. 

As the ‘Stone for New Beginnings’, Moonstone can help you let go of everything that no longer serves you.

It will also help you realize that you don’t have to be perfect to love yourself. You will understand that self-love is important and the key to your happiness.


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7. Rhodonite

rhodonite meaning

Rhodonite is a powerful stone for self-love as it encourages compassion. It also heals emotional wounds and releases past traumas.

If you have unresolved issues that are stopping you from moving forward, Rhodonite is the perfect crystal for you.  

To love yourself is to experience happiness on a whole new level.

Most of us look for love in other people, but the truth is the love we need can only come from within us.

With Rhodonite, you’ll learn that you are enough and can be truly happy if you are comfortable with your own capabilities. 

Rhodonite will help you reach your full potential. It promotes love and harmony so that you can live a happy life.


8. Amethyst

amethyst meaning

Amethyst is a popular crystal that can be used for self-love. It is often used for meditation, a simple practice that improves well-being, compassion, and self-acceptance. 

This wonderful purple crystal has the capacity to transmute negative energy into loving, soothing energy.

It focuses the mind on positive thoughts, making it easier for you to let go of fears and worries.

Once you realize that your thoughts do not define who you are, your self-confidence will improve considerably. 

One of the best ways to benefit from Amethyst’s loving energy is to carry it with you.

It’ll keep you calm and focused on your path of self-discovery.

Whenever you start having negative thoughts, touch the stone to infuse your energy with loving gratitude.



9. Red Jasper

red jasper meaning

Red Jasper is a powerful grounding stone. By connecting you to the earth, Red Jasper has the ability to release emotional stress.

This amazing crystal is very empowering. It’ll boost anyone’s courage and self-esteem in no time.

When we don’t love ourselves, we have the tendency to have a victim mentality. This makes us anxious, miserable, and unhappy.

This is where Red Jasper can help. It’ll remind you that you can transform your life by taking ownership of it. 

With this wonderful gemstone by your side, you’ll learn to take responsibility for your actions.

This will increase your self-confidence, and therefore improve how you feel about yourself. Red Jasper also enhances willpower, teaching you to always value yourself.


10. Amazonite

amazonite meaning

Amazonite is a soothing crystal that releases anxiety, worry, and fear. By releasing these negative emotions, Amazonite assists in manifesting universal love, including self-love. 

We are often harsh towards ourselves mentally, and these negative thoughts have a direct influence on our mental state.

With the help of Amazonite, you’ll learn to use supportive and positive language in your head. This will really improve your self-confidence. 

Amazonite also removes blockages and can be used to dissolve self-sabotaging behaviors.

By linking the heart and throat chakras, this wonderful crystal also encourages honest communication.


11. Mangano Calcite

mangano calcite

Mangano Calcite is a high-vibrational crystal that activates the heart chakra. This gemstone, also known as Pink Calcite, is a stone of peace and tranquility. 

Taking care of yourself plays a big part in learning how to love yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not do it.

If you have a hard time prioritizing time for yourself, Mangano Calcite will help you do that.

Mangano Calcite, with its gentle energy, encourages you to release past traumas and fears that could be holding you back.

When you are free of negative feelings, you can use Mangano Calcite to figure out your life’s purpose, which is crucial to being happy.


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12. Citrine

citrine meaning

Citrine is a sunny crystal that is often used to attract prosperity, success, and abundance. But it’s also one of the best crystals for self-love.

One of the main benefits of Citrine is that it encourages joy, happiness, and enthusiasm. With its warm energy, Citrine raises self-esteem and self-worth.

It is a fantastic crystal that will give you the confidence to accept your flaws.

By encouraging creativity and self-expression, Citrine helps you connect with your true self. This will change the way you think about yourself and improve your outlook on life.


How to use crystals for self-love

You can use all the crystals in this post to encourage self-love daily. Here are some of the best ways to use them:

Keep a gratitude journal 

Keeping a gratitude journal is actually one of the best and easiest ways to boost your self-love. In fact, showing gratitude improves your happiness, self-confidence, and general well-being.

You can combine this practice with the power of crystals to amplify its effect. Keep one or two crystals for self-love on your desk whenever you write in your journal.

This will definitely inspire you.

Wear them in jewelry

Wear crystal jewelry to benefit from your stone’s healing properties.

You can wear Rose Quartz, Amethyst, or Malachite to remind yourself that you are beautiful and deserve to be loved.

Combine your crystals with Clear Quartz to amplify their powers.

Place crystals around your home

Bring a sense of ease to every room in your home by adding small and large crystals to your home decor.

These crystals will shift the energy of your space, bring harmony and remind you to take some time for yourself at least a few minutes each day. 

Carry crystals in your pocket

The more contact you have with your crystal, the more aware you’ll be of its energy.

You can carry crystals for self-love in your purse or pocket and pull them out whenever you feel down.

This will also allow you to create a multitude of short moments for yourself throughout the day. 

Hold a crystal during meditation

This is one of the simplest ways to connect with your crystals and reconnect with your true self.

Hold a crystal for self-love in your hand during meditation to feel its powerful energy. The best crystals for this practice are Amethyst, Lepidolite, and Red Jasper.

Bottom line

Whether you want to stop pleasing others, or simply give yourself more love, crystals can help.

Gemstones can encourage you to take positive actions that support your physical, psychological, and spiritual growth.

Once you start loving yourself more, you will realize that taking care of your own needs is essential.

If you had to choose only one crystal for self-love, your best choice would definitely be Rose Quartz.

It’s a stone that is easy to find, and that promotes unconditional love. It’ll help you feel more comfortable with yourself, and remind you that you are worthy of love.  

You can either set an intention with your crystals for self-love or simply use them as a visual reminder.

What are your favorite crystals for self-love? Let me know in the comments below! Did you enjoy reading this post? Pin it!

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