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10 Magic Crystals For Fertility And Pregnancy

10 Magic Crystals For Fertility And Pregnancy

In this article: Discover the best crystals for fertility and their benefits!

Crystals can help eliminate the blockages that might stop you from being pregnant. By reducing stress, fixing hormonal imbalances, and calming the mind, crystals for fertility can increase your chances of pregnancy. So, if you’re having trouble becoming pregnant, using crystals could definitely benefit you. In this post, you’ll find 10 of the best crystals for fertility and how to use them. 

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Quick Overview

Here are the ten best crystals for fertility and pregnancy: 

  • Rainbow Moonstone for soothing emotional instability.
  • Rose Quartz for its loving energy.
  • Green Aventurine for inner harmony.
  • Carnelian for enhancing passion and desire.
  • Smoky Quartz for releasing anxiety.
  • Unakite for bonding with your child.
  • Aquamarine for soothing the mind.
  • Rhodonite for activating the heart chakra.
  • Gren Jade for stimulating the blood flow to the pelvic area.
  • Lepidolite for your psychological well-being.

Keep reading for more details on how these crystals can boost fertility. 

How do crystals for fertility work?

Crystals emit their own frequency that can promote happiness, relieve stress, and eventually boost fertility. 

Gemstones used when trying to conceive vibrate at a particular frequency and release their own healing vibrations.

These vibrations can affect the human electromagnetic field and absorb our body’s negative energies. Throughout the healing process, crystals also release positive energies that our bodies absorb.

This process can really benefit you if you’re trying to conceive. In fact, reducing stress, and having a positive mindset are essential to improving fertility. 

Some stones are meant to aid couples to become pregnant. So, keeping these crystals with you when trying to conceive can really help you on your journey.  

10 best crystals for fertility and pregnancy

Below, you’ll find a list of the 10 crystals to use when trying to conceive. These crystals can be used for both women and men. 

1. Rainbow Moonstone

rainbow moonstone meaning

Rainbow Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings, making it the perfect crystal to aid in fertility and pregnancy.

Often associated with feminine energy, Moonstone can help you soothe emotional instability and stress while trying to conceive. It is also a great stone for providing calmness. 

This stone can help balance hormonal cycles and hormones, which makes it the most popular for fertility and pregnancy.

Additionally, the Moonstone is a love stone and it is said that it has the power to grant wishes too. For all these reasons, Moonstone is very popular among women who are trying to conceive.


2. Rose Quartz

rose quartz meaning

Commonly associated with love and romance, Rose Quartz is also said to aid increase overall fertility.

This pale pink stone is connected with the feminine divine, meaning that it carries the aura of compassion and peace and the warmth of mothering. 

If you want to fill your body with loving energy during pregnancy, I definitely recommend you keep Rose Quartz close to you.

It’ll also bring you forgiveness, compassion, and help remove feelings of fear and resentment. 

Physically, Rose Quartz is helpful with headaches, migraines, or sexual dysfunction.

Rose Quartz is definitely a great stone for love and fertility, especially because it can bring a sense of peace and calm throughout your pregnancy.


3. Green Aventurine

green aventurine meaning

Green Aventurine is perfect to enhance fertility. With its soothing energy, it is a stone that can really help you during pregnancy and childbirth. 

This beautiful green crystal is great to balance emotions and guide you towards inner harmony. It calms nervousness, anger, and irritation, which can be really useful when trying to get pregnant. 

Green Aventurine is also the stone of luck and abundance. It promotes friendship and happiness, bringing joy into your life.


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4. Carnelian

carnelian meaning

Full of life force, Carnelian is regarded as the stone of fertility in many different cultures.

In fact, the ancient Egyptians called Carnelian ‘the setting sun’ and associated it with the fertile menstrual blood of the mother goddess, Isis. 

Traditionally, Carnelian has been worn to enhance passion, love, and desire. But it’s also a stone that stimulates metabolism, influences the reproductive organs, and increases fertility. 

It can help with PMS but also help reduce male impotency and decrease prostate problems. When trying to conceive, you can carry Carnelian with you to increase your chances of getting pregnant.


5. Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz meaning

Smoky Quartz benefits the reproductive system, making it a fantastic stone to promote fertility. More than that, Smoky Quartz is an excellent grounding stone that can help neutralize negative vibrations. 

This stone is great to bring emotional calmness and release anxiety one can have when trying to conceive. It also promotes positive thoughts and actions.


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6. Unakite

unakite meaning

Unakite is a beautiful combination of green and pink that has a connection to the sacral, root, and heart chakras. Green symbolizes abundance, while pink symbolizes love.

Together these colors can help mothers-be-be create a bond with their future child. 

This gemstone is used to promote a healthy pregnancy by encouraging a positive psyche. It also brings nurturing energy.

In addition, Unakite promotes patience and persistence, which are both essential to improve fertility.


7. Aquamarine

aquamarine meaning

Aquamarine is the stone of courage. Its calming energy can help soothe the mind and reduce stress when trying to conceive. 

This stone is ruled by the moon and infused with feminine energy. In its healing effects, Aquamarine can be compared to the Moonstone. 

This amazing stone is highly protective during pregnancy, it helps guard both mother and baby against harm. Also, it discourages miscarriage.

Aquamarine is definitely a stone you want to be wearing when trying to conceive and get pregnant!


8. Rhodonite

rhodonite meaning

Rhodonite is a key fertility crystal as it balances emotions, making it perfect for women who are on the edge, or anxious. It has a beautiful harmony and healing energy that helps you stay centered. 

Rhodonite is one of the best stones for fertility as it stimulates, clears, and activates the heart chakra.

This stone is helpful to aid the healing of the endocrine system, which is made up of a number of glands that produce hormones that are responsible for your body working properly.


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9. Green Jade

meaning of green jade

Green Jade is a soothing stone that’s perfect for those trying to conceive. As you try for a child, hormones are all over the place and small irritations can become huge ordeals.

Green Jade nurtures calming energy that can counter these hot tempers. 

This stone harmonizes your energy and stabilizes your aura, making you feel less anxious and more confident. Green Jade will transform negativity into compassion and love. 

It is also believed that Green Jade can stimulate the blood flow to the pelvic area and reproductive organs, enhancing your baby-making potential. 

Place Green Jade in your pocket or wear it around your neck to absorb its beautiful energies.


10. Lepidolite

lepidolite meaning

Lepidolite is a fantastic crystal that can provide soothing energy and improve your psychological well-being. It has a nursing strength that can alleviate feelings of anxiety about conceiving and being pregnant. 

This beautiful crystal improves the mood and ensures that your anxieties will not be triggered off when trying for a child. With Lepidolite you’ll welcome change in your life without fear.


How to use crystals for fertility

There are several ways you can use healing crystals for fertility. You can try the following methods: 

Place crystals on your body

Lay down and place the stones on your lower abdomen or over your ovaries for 10-15 minutes a day. Begin visualizing the baby inside you, and envision a healthy pregnancy. Focus your intent on your desired outcome.

Wear fertility crystal jewelry

By wearing crystal jewelry you can connect with the energies of your fertility crystals all day. And if the stone is in direct contact with the skin it’s even better. 

Carry fertility stones in your pocket or bra

Many women carry crystals in their bras or pockets. It’s a great way to be in constant contact with your crystal. If you want to feel the beautiful healing energies of your crystal with you all day, carry it in your pocket or bra. 

Use affirmations

You can set intentions with crystals and stimulate fertility with crystal affirmations. Hold your crystal for fertility in your hand and say ‘My body is ready to have a baby’, ‘My body gets closer to creating and accepting a child’ or ‘I am ready to get pregnant’. 

Bottom line

Although fertility crystals could never replace medical advice and treatment, they can definitely help you on your journey towards motherhood.

Whether you’re trying to conceive or are already pregnant, their soothing energies can be useful for your spiritual and physical well-being. 

Fertility crystals can definitely reduce stress, and help you overcome energy blockages that could stop you from being pregnant.

The most effective way to use them is to carry them with you through the day. Which crystal for fertility and pregnancy is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

crystals for fertility infographic