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7 Crystals For Each Day Of The Week

7 Crystals For Each Day Of The Week

In this article: Discover the best crystals for each day of the week and their benefits!

Crystals have been associated with zodiac signs, specific months, and even special occasions for centuries.

But did you know that some crystals also correspond vibrationally to each weekday?

With the right crystals, you can amplify the positive vibrations and intentions associated with the planets and deities of each day of the week.

Whether you’re seeking balance, motivation, or serenity, the crystals mentioned below can become your trusted companions for daily support and spiritual growth. 

Read on to discover the best crystals to use for each day of the week.

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Quick Overview

Here are the 7 best crystals for each day of the week: 

  • Sunstone on Sunday
  • Moonstone on Monday
  • Bloodstone on Tuesday
  • Emerald on Wednesday
  • Lapis Lazuli on Thursday
  • Rose Quartz on Friday
  • Black Obsidian on Saturday

Keep reading for more details on how using these crystals can help you in your daily life.

Origins of the days of the week

The Romans named the days of the week after the sun, moon, and other planets of Hellenistic astrology. These planets were also Norse and Roman gods. 


Sunday is the first day of the week in many Western countries, including the United States and several European nations. 

The name “Sunday” originates from Old English and is derived from the phrase “Sunandæg,” which means “day of the Sun.”

The significance of Sunday comes from this association.

The Sun is a celestial body that has held great importance in many cultures throughout history. 

It has long been revered as a source of light, warmth, and life-giving energy. 

In astrology, it reflects your sense of purpose, personal aspirations, and desire to achieve and make a significant contribution. 

The Sun is also associated with leadership qualities, authority, and personal power. 

It signifies the capacity to take charge, inspire others, and assert yourself with confidence and self-assurance.


Monday, the second day of the week, has an interesting origin tied to the Moon. 

The name “Monday” comes from the Old English word “Monandæg,” which means “Moon’s day.”

For centuries, the Moon has captivated human beings with its lunar phases and influence on tides. 

It has always been regarded as a very important celestial body with mystical qualities and connections to various deities.

The Moon holds significant symbolism and represents emotions, instincts, and moods. 

It governs your emotional responses and reflects your emotional intelligence, sensitivity, and how you instinctively react to situations. 

The Moon is also a symbol of feminine energy, motherhood, and fertility.


Tuesday gets its name from the planet Mars and is associated with the Norse god Tyr. 

In Norse mythology, Tyr is a courageous and noble god that represents law, justice, and heroic glory. 

Tyr was considered the patron deity of warriors and was invoked for victory in battle.

Due to its connection with the warlike nature of Mars and the bravery represented by Tyr, Tuesday carries symbolic associations with energy, assertiveness, action, and initiative. 

It is often considered a day suited for taking decisive actions, pursuing goals, and embracing challenges.


Wednesday comes from the Old English word “Wodnesdæg,” which refers to the Germanic god Woden.

Woden, known as Odin in Norse mythology, was a prominent figure in Germanic and Scandinavian beliefs. 

He was revered as the one-eyed All-Father who sacrificed his eye in order to see everything that happens in the world.

Following his sacrifice, Odin received secret wisdom and magical knowledge that made him able to cure the sick, calm storms, and make women fall in love.

In the Greco-Roman tradition, Wednesday is also associated with the planet Mercury, also known as Hermes in Greek mythology. 

He was the messenger of the Gods and the mediator between the realm of the dead and the kingdom of the living.


Thursday is derived from the Old English word “Þunresdæg,” which means “Thor’s day”.

It is named after the Norse god Thor, who was the God of thunder, lightning, and storms.

In Roman mythology, Thor is identified as Jupiter, the king of all gods, who was also the god of the sky and thunder.

In modern astrology, Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter – which shares its name with the Roman god.

Jupiter governs higher knowledge, abundance, and the principle of expansion. 

It also represents the pursuit of wisdom, understanding, and a broader perspective on life. 


Friday is the last day of the working week.

In old English, the day was known as “Frigedæg,” after the goddess Frigg.

Frigg, the wife of Odin and the queen of the gods in Norse mythology, held significant influence over love, marriage, fertility, and domestic matters.

To the Romans, this day was sacred to the goddess Venus, their goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. 

In astrology, the planet Venus represents romantic relationships, attraction, affection, and emotional bonding.


Saturday is named after the Roman god Saturnus (also known as Cronus in Greek mythology). In Old English, this day was called “Sæturnesdæg”.

In Roman mythology, Saturnus was the god of agriculture and harvest. 

Saturnus was depicted as an older, bearded god, often holding a sickle or scythe, which symbolized the agricultural aspect of his domain.

Saturday is ruled by the planet of the same name which is associated with discipline, responsibility, and hard work. 

It also symbolizes the need for structure, order, and a strong work ethic. 

Saturn teaches lessons through experiences and signifies responsibilities, boundaries, and self-control.

Crystals for each day of the week

Now that we know the origins of each day of the week, let’s see what are the best crystals to use on those days:

1. Sunstone

meaning of sunstone crystal

Sunday, named after the glorious Sun, represents vitality, warmth, and personal power. 

It embodies confidence and determination, making it the perfect day to embrace your inner fire.

As its name suggests, Sunstone is a crystal that harmonizes beautifully with the Sun’s energy. 

Sunstone’s orange hues reflect the Sun’s warmth, infusing you with enthusiasm, optimism, and cheerfulness.

Also Known as the ‘Stone of Leadership’, Sunstone enhances personal power and encourages you to be your authentic self.

With this crystal by your side, you will learn to embrace your talents and abilities with confidence.

This radiant gem also brings a sense of joy and positivity, uplifting your spirits and reminding you to find pleasure in the simple things. 

You can also use this crystal to boost motivation and creativity.

Sunstone’s warm energy will definitely ignite your sense of purpose and inspire you to pursue your passions wholeheartedly.

Other stones to use on Sunday: Heliodor, Amber, Gold


2. Moonstone

rainbow moonstone meaning

Just like the Moon itself, Moonstone exudes a gentle and soothing energy that promotes emotional healing, intuition, and feminine power. 

On Mondays, Moonstone can help you listen to your emotions, reconnect with your inner self, and harness the profound wisdom that lies within.

It will act as a guide, illuminating your path with its iridescent glow. 

Moonstone also enhances intuition, helping you navigate through life’s twists and turns with clarity of mind. 

With its changing phases, the Moon is also a symbol of transformation and new beginnings.

Moonstone aligns perfectly with this energy and is here to remind you that change is a natural and beautiful part of your journey.

With its nurturing energy, this crystal also soothes emotional stress and helps you release emotional baggage. 

If you want to connect with your feminine energy, Moonstone can be an excellent ally. 

Other stones to use on Monday: Selenite, Labradorite, Pearl


3. Bloodstone

meaning of bloodstone crystal

Tuesday, named after the mighty planet Mars, symbolizes courage, motivation, and strength. 

It’s a day when you can harness your inner warrior spirit, embrace challenges and pursue your goals with unwavering determination.

Bloodstone is a beautiful crystal that resonates perfectly with the fiery energy of Mars.

It’s a crystal that enhances inner strength, courage, and determination.

It also promotes grounding, stability, and resilience which are all qualities that you need when facing the battles of life. 

With Bloodstone, you’ll have the strength to overcome obstacles and persist in the pursuit of your dreams.

This beautiful crystal is also a powerful stone for protection. 

You can use it to shield yourself you from negative energies and promote a deep sense of security. 

Other stones to use on Tuesday: Red Garnet, Carnelian, Red Jasper


4. Emerald

emerald meaning

Wednesday is associated with the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, mental agility, and intellectual pursuits. 

It’s a day where you’ll want to expand your knowledge, express yourself, and engage in deep, insightful conversations.

Emerald is an excellent crystal companion for this day’s endeavors because its energy aligns with Mercury’s attributes.

With this crystal, you’ll learn to express your thoughts serenely and effectively. 

It also encourages open-mindedness which facilitates understanding between people.

One of the best properties of Emerald is that it has soothing vibrations that calm racing thoughts. 

It also promotes focus and concentration, helping you navigate through complex ideas effortlessly. 

With Emerald by your side, intellectual pursuits will definitely become a lot easier.

Other stones to use on Wednesday: Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite, Turquoise


5. Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli meaning

Thursday, named after the mighty planet Jupiter, is a day for expansion, abundance, and wisdom. 

This planet’s influence invites you to embrace your full potential, seek knowledge, and embark on exciting journeys. 

And what better crystal to harness its energy than Lapis Lazuli?

This stone serves as a gateway to higher consciousness and inner truth, making it an ideal ally for Thursday’s quest for wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli stimulates the Third Eye chakra, awakening your spiritual vision and enhancing your psychic abilities at the same time.

This crystal’s energy helps you break through mental barriers, expand your understanding, and embrace new perspectives.

Lapis lazuli also encourages effective communication and empowers you to speak your truth with confidence. 

With Lapis Lazuli by your side, you’ll find the courage to express yourself authentically and connect more deeply with others.

Other stones to use on Thursday: Amethyst, Sodalite, Blue Sapphire


6. Rose Quartz

rose quartz meaning

Friday is named after the planet Venus and is associated with love, romance, and harmony. 

It’s a day to celebrate the beauty of relationships, emotional connections, and self-love. 

Also known as the ‘Stone of Unconditional Love’, Rose Quartz is a fantastic crystal that will nurture your heart’s desires.

This beautiful crystal’s energy resonates perfectly with the symbolic associations of Friday, bringing forth a gentle and compassionate energy.

Rose Quartz gently opens the Heart chakra, inviting love, forgiveness, and compassion to flow freely within and around you. 

It inspires self-love, boosting your sense of self-worth and encouraging self-acceptance. 

With its soothing essence, Rose Quartz can help you heal emotional wounds and invite new loving relationships into your life.

This crystal acts as a potent magnet for attracting love, both romantic and platonic, while enhancing existing relationships with tenderness and understanding. 

It has a soft, rosy energy that creates an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

Other stones to use on Friday: Pink Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Malachite


7. Black Obsidian

black obsidian meaning

Saturday, named after the disciplined and stable Saturn, is a day to focus on grounding, protection, and self-discipline. 

It’s a great time to set intentions, foster resilience, and release any negative energy that may prevent your personal growth.

Being one of the most powerful grounding stones of the mineral kingdom, Black Obsidian can definitely be beneficial to you on Saturdays.

Its dark, captivating color resonates with the depths of the Earth, inviting you to connect with your roots and ground yourself in the present moment.

This crystal also has very strong protective properties. 

It has the ability to block negative energies and transmute them into positive energies. 

Just like Saturn’s energy encourages self-discipline, Black Obsidian also brings self-control to the wearer. 

It empowers you to establish healthy boundaries, boosts your inner strength, and banishes self-doubt.

If you want to remain balanced and centered, at all times, Black Obsidian is definitely the crystal for you.

Other stones to use on Saturday: Black Tourmaline, Jet, Shungite


How to use crystals for each day of the week

There are many different ways you can use crystals for each day of the week, here are some ideas for you:

Find out what your birth day is

Finding the day you were born on can provide valuable insight into your personal energy and characteristics associated with that specific day. 

You can then use this information and associate it with the right crystal to make your intentions and manifestation rituals even more powerful. 

Experimenting with different crystals associated with your birth day also allows you to explore and discover which ones resonate the most with your unique energy!

To find out on what day you were born, you can use this quick calculator.

Carry them with you

Carrying crystals associated with each day of the week can offer tons of benefits. 

They can serve as gentle reminders to align yourself with the inherent energies of each day.

More than that, they can also help you navigate life’s challenges with a greater sense of balance, purpose, and spiritual connection. 

These crystals can definitely become powerful companions on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Bottom line

If you want to infuse your days with an extra dose of vibrancy and positivity, you should definitely use crystals that resonate with weekdays.

Whether you seek a boost of motivation on Tuesdays, a spark of creativity on Wednesdays, or a moment of tranquility on Sundays, these crystals will become your best companions.

What’s your favorite crystal for each day of the week? Let me know in the comments below!

crystals for each day of the week infographic