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50 Crystals And Their Affirmations

50 Crystals And Their Affirmations

In this article: Discover 50 crystals and their matching affirmations!

Are you ready to embrace a positive mindset? Crystal affirmations are perfect to bring more positivity into your life. Quick and easy to do, crystal affirmations can be done at any time of day most convenient for you. So, if you need a quick pick me up, read on to discover 50 crystals and their affirmations. 

7 Tips for crystal affirmations

Crystal affirmation is a simple ritual that can help you start your day on high vibrations. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, but here are some tips for a successful ritual: 

1. Know your stone

Before you start your ritual, make sure your intention matches your stone’s properties. For example, you could use Rose Quartz for self-love or relationship-oriented affirmations. Amethyst is known for spirituality, so it’s the perfect stone for self-realization intentions. 

2. Stay focused

If you want your affirmation to work with your crystal, try to focus on one goal per affirmation. For example, if you want to attract more money into your life you could say something like ‘money comes to me easily and harmoniously’.

3. Be specific

If you have a specific goal, it’s even better. The more specific you are, the higher the chances of realization. Instead of saying ‘I want my dream job’ you could mention a specific position you’d like to have or a specific workplace. 

4. Be positive

Focus on the things that you want, and not on the things that you don’t want. Your affirmation should always be positive. Instead of saying ‘I don’t want to be single anymore’ say ‘I am attracting love into my life and the universe is bringing my soulmate to me ‘. 

5. Find a zen space

Even though you can do your affirmation ritual anywhere, it’s best to choose a quiet and zen space to do it. I’d recommend doing it at home, preferably in the morning, so you can start your day on the right foot. Choose a comfortable space where you know you can stay focused and won’t be disturbed. 

6. Clear your mind

Before you start your ritual, clear your mind of negative thoughts and clutter. You want to be focused and present for your intention setting ritual. You can close your eyes and try meditating for a few minutes to help you. 

7. Recite your affirmation several times

Once you’re ready, close your eyes and take three deep breaths holding your stone in your hands. Then, recite your affirmation three times out loud. Repeating your affirmation several times allows you to fully attach the message to your crystal. You can also read this post to discover different ways to set intentions with crystals

50 crystals and their affirmations

Below, you’ll find a list of 50 popular crystals and their affirmations. You can use these crystals and their affirmations for your intention setting ritual. 

1. Amazonite: I speak from my highest truth.

2. Citrine: I am confident in my ability to succeed.

3. Amethyst: I am amazing in my own unique way.

4. Clear Quartz: I am pure, beautiful, radiant light.

5. Rose Quartz: I am nurturing, and I accept nurturing from others. I am compassionate and worthy of love.

6. Smoky Quartz: I am worthy of feeling secure and safe.

7. Black Obsidian: My mind, body, and spirit are clean and clear. I am balanced and vibrate at my highest frequency. 

8. Green Aventurine: I welcome prosperity and abundance into my life.

9. Selenite: I am divinely connected to the universe

10. Pyrite: My life is full of abundance.

11. Hematite: I am safe and grounded.

12. Labradorite: I strongly believe in my inner magic and trust I can manifest anything I desire.

13. Moonstone: I am on the path towards my true destiny.

14. Bloodstone: I welcome exciting and new changes into my life.

15. Aquamarine: I am able to identify my feelings and recover from unsettling setbacks.

16. Fluorite: I let go of all negative energies and feel a profound sense of wellbeing.

17. Celestite: I make space for calmness and peace.

18. Carnelian: I live a creative life full of passion and purpose.

19. Moss Agate: I believe in the magic of starting new.

20. Lapis Lazuli: I can express my feelings and emotions with ease.

21. Chalcedony: I perceive the world with optimism and understanding.

22. Garnet: I nurture my relationships, my dreams, and my experiences with passion.

23. Lepidolite: I have the strength and courage to get through any situation.

24. Herkimer Diamond: The light of the universe is guiding me in everything I do.

25. Blue Lace Agate: I am willing to be happy now.

26. Black Tourmaline: I clear away negative energy and stay grounded to the earth.

27. Dalmatian Jasper: I create the life I desire.

28. Tanzanite: My voice is unique to me and worthy of hearing.

29. Larimar: I have the power within to decide how I want to live.

30. Ruby: I am passionate now and always.

31. Howlite: Every cell in my body vibrates with positive energy.

32. Aqua Aura Quartz: I am made of the light of the universe.

33. Sunstone: I am proud of what I have accomplished.

34. Moldavite: My spirit is limitless.

35. Amber: My past is gone and has no power over me.

36. Ammonite: Positive energy flows within me.

37. Aragonite: I free myself from the past and embrace the future.

38. Turquoise: All is good right here, right now.

39. Botswana Agate: I feel strong and protected.

40. Malachite: I welcome new challenges with curiosity and excitement.

41. Blue Kyanite: I know my intuition will always take me in the right direction.

42. Ametrine: I am the creator of my world.

43. Chrysocolla: I completely trust my inner voice.

44. Azurite: The source of my happiness lies within me.

45. Morganite: I embody all that is kind, compassionate, and loving. 

46. Sodalite: Everything in my life is working for my highest good.

47. Copper: I am physically healed by the energy of a higher vibration.

48. Mookaite Jasper: I let the universe guide me.

49. Dendritic Agate: I am still.

50. Abalone: I always trust my intuition.

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Bottom line

Crystal affirmations are a powerful way to use crystals. They are perfect for setting intentions and helping you be more positive. The most important is to always say something positive. This will also help you change your mindset. 

Find a comfortable space, close your eyes, and hold your crystal in your hands. Recite your affirmation out loud and enjoy the beautiful power of your stone. What is your favorite crystal affirmation? Let me know in the comments below!