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15 Best Crystal Combinations For Rose Quartz

15 Best Crystal Combinations For Rose Quartz

In this article: Discover the best crystal combinations for Rose Quartz and their benefits!

Rose Quartz is a common type of quartz and one of the prettiest pink crystals.

It has many wonderful healing properties, making it an excellent addition to any crystal lover’s collection.

Whether you want to get over a tough breakup, promote self-love, or heal emotional trauma, Rose Quartz can help.

One of the best ways to make the most out of your pink crystal is to combine it with other crystals.

Some stones work well together and can help you heal or manifest your desires.

Read on to discover the best crystal combinations for Rose Quartz and how to use them.

1. Carnelian and Rose Quartz together

carnelian and rose quartz together

If you want to boost fertility, Carnelian and Rose Quartz together make the perfect pair.

Carnelian is a warm crystal that stimulates sexuality, while Rose Quartz encourages romance and passion.

This makes it a perfect combination for couples who are trying to conceive. 

Another great benefit of this combination is that it heals emotional wounds and past traumas that could be the reason you’re struggling to conceive.

Also, mothers can use these two stones to strengthen their bond with their children. 

Combined together, these two beautiful crystals encourage you to see the positive side of life by boosting self-confidence and self-love.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Reflect on your positive qualities while holding Carnelian and Rose Quartz in your hand to amplify feelings of self-love.
  • Place them in your bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere. 
  • Make two crystal bracelets for yourself and your child to strengthen your bond.

2. Citrine and Rose Quartz together

citrine and rose quartz together

Citrine is certainly one of the most sought-after crystals out there.

With its warm energy, Citrine is a great stone to combine with Rose Quartz to balance your emotions.

Rose Quartz brings you serenity, while Citrine removes feelings of depression and anxiety.

Also called the Merchant Stone, Citrine is a popular crystal for money and abundance.

You can actually combine it with Rose Quartz to encourage success in business, but also in relationships.

Citrine and Rose Quartz can also enhance self-forgiveness and boost your self-confidence.

This means these two crystals together can help you feel good about yourself and inspire you to live a more fulfilling life.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Create a crystal grid with Citrine and Rose Quartz crystals to bring positive energy into your space. 
  • Keep the crystals on your desk to attract success in business.
  • Repeat positive affirmations with these two stones to develop a positive mental attitude.

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3. Rhodonite and Rose Quartz together

rhodonite and rose quartz together

If you want to ensure that your emotions stay in balance, pairing Rhodonite with Rose Quartz is what you need to do.

Rhodonite is a stone of compassion that heals past traumas.

At the same time, Rose Quartz instills feelings of peace and tranquility. 

This crystal combination is also fantastic for opening and healing the Heart chakra.

You can use Rhodonite for grounding and Rose Quartz to promote love.

Carry these two crystals with you at all times to benefit from their reassuring energy. 

Finally, you can combine Rhodonite and Rose Quartz to assist in times of grief.

With their loving vibrations, these two stones can definitely help heal your soul after a loss. 

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Place Rhodonite and Rose Quartz on your Heart chakra for emotional balance.
  • When you feel stressed, hold onto your stones for a moment of grounding and self-soothing. 
  • Share the healing energy with others who are going through grief. The crystals may offer support and comfort during difficult times. 

4. Amethyst and Rose Quartz together

amethyst and rose quartz together combination

Another fantastic crystal that you can combine with Rose Quartz is Amethyst.

Not only do the properties of these crystals match, but their colors too. 

Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer that is said to soothe irritability and dispel anger.

Together with Rose Quartz, this combo provides good support for your love life.

With its gentle vibes, Rose Quartz brings harmony to your relationships, while Amethyst facilitates emotional connection.

Not only can couples benefit from this beautiful combination, but it is also good for promoting friendship and strengthening familial bonds. 

Combining Rose Quartz and Amethyst also encourages spiritual wisdom.

By teaching you to trust your intuition, these two crystals will help you make better decisions so that you can get anything you want in life.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Wear an Amethyst and Rose Quartz necklace or bracelet to benefit from the stones’ energy throughout the day.
  • Decorate your bedroom with the crystals to create a more peaceful environment.
  • Add Amethyst and Rose Quartz to your bathwater to promote relaxation and emotional healing. 

5. Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz together

clear quartz and rose quartz together

There are many good reasons to combine Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz.

Both crystals are from the same mineral family which makes them a perfect match for each other. 

You can combine Clear Quartz with Rose Quartz to amplify the soothing effect of the pink crystal.

These crystals together are also ideal for those who need to process their emotions before making important relationship decisions.

If you need to restore trust and harmony in your relationships, use these two stones to promote compassion, respect, and intimacy. 

You can also wear Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz together to promote self-love, serenity, and calmness.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Make a crystal candle with Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz to infuse your space with positive energy.
  • Get two heart-shaped crystals and gift one to your partner.
  • Carry the crystals in your pocket and touch them whenever you feel stressed or anxious.

6. Malachite and Rose Quartz together

malachite and rose quartz together

Next on our list of the best crystal combinations for Rose Quartz is Malachite.

Because they both connect to the Heart chakra, Malachite and Rose Quartz work well together.

If you want to remove negative energies and replace them with loving vibes, I definitely recommend this crystal combination for you.

Malachite is a fantastic protection stone that makes you feel at peace, while Rose Quartz brings you comfort during difficult times.

Those who want to heal emotional wounds from the past can wear Malachite and Rose Quartz in jewelry to benefit from their soothing energy.

It can also help prevent mood swings, feelings of anxiety, and sadness.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Try a chakra meditation. Place the stones on your Heart chakra to open and activate it.
  • Wear a crystal ring with Malachite and Rose Quartz.
  • Set a positive intention with these two stones.

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7. Selenite and Rose Quartz together

selenite and rose quartz together

Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal that works well with many other gemstones.

This soft mineral gypsum is said to bring serenity and clarity of thought to the wearer.

It is strongly connected to the Crown chakra, making it the perfect gemstone for spirituality. 

Meditating with Selenite and Rose Quartz is one of the best ways to use them.

If you’re doing a self-love meditation, hold Rose Quartz and Selenite in your hand to open your consciousness and promote feelings of love.  

Those who often feel negative emotions can also greatly benefit from this crystal pairing.

Rose Quartz is said to promote gratitude. At the same time, Selenite helps you see the bigger picture so that you can see the positive side of things.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Meditate with these two stones to access higher guidance and open your heart.
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Place the crystals next to you every time you express what you’re grateful for.
  • Place your Rose Quartz crystal on top of your Selenite stone to charge and cleanse it.

8. Red Jasper and Rose Quartz together

red jasper and rose quartz together

Another great crystal you can pair with Rose Quartz is Red Jasper.

As a stone of protection, Red Jasper is a powerful crystal for soothing the nerves. It’s one of the best worry stones you can find.

Another great benefit of Red Jasper is that it encourages intimacy, making it the perfect crystal to keep in your bedroom.

Pair it with Rose Quartz to rekindle the passion in your relationship. 

If you are going through a difficult time or a serious illness, Rose Quartz and Red Jasper can help you by maintaining emotional balance.

They will give you the strength to keep going and the clarity of thought you need to make the best decisions for yourself.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Place Red Jasper and Rose Quartz in your bedroom to encourage intimacy and improve your relationship.
  • Create a small ritual with your crystals. Do it every day to remain balanced.
  • Keep worry stones in your purse. Take them out whenever you feel like you need a quick pick-me-up.

9. Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz together

lapis lazuli and rose quartz together

If you’re looking for a powerful crystal combination that strengthens friendship, this is the one.

Lapis Lazuli encourages self-expression, while Rose Quartz promotes kindness and compassion. 

Paired with Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli can also be used to identify and discuss emotions that could help you gain some self-awareness about the way you are feeling. 

Both stones are also very effective in bringing clarity and deeper self-knowledge.

If you find it difficult to make decisions, you can pair Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz to remove the fear of making the wrong decision and suffering the consequences.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Make matching necklaces with Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli. Give one to your best friend and keep the second one. Use them as a symbol of your friendship.
  • Give yourself a pep talk in front of a mirror with these two stones in your hand.
  • Before making important decisions, take a moment to reflect. Use the crystals for guidance.

10. Black Obsidian and Rose Quartz together

black obsidian and rose quartz together

Next on our list of the best crystal combinations for Rose Quartz is Black Obsidian.

This crystal has a strong connection to the earth, and therefore, to the Root chakra. 

One of the main benefits of bringing Black Obsidian and Rose Quartz together is that this combination can purge negative emotions and keep us feeling safe.

If you’re grieving, combining these two stones can provide support during these difficult times.

Black Obsidian will help you cut through resentment and negative feelings, while Rose Quartz provides emotional balance.

Black Obsidian and Rose Quartz together are also great for exploring the spiritual realm.

They provide safe access to spirit guides and deepen all spiritual practices.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Use Rose Quartz and Black Obsidian during divination practices to get clear messages.
  • Carry them with you every single day if you’re going through grief. You will benefit from their energy. 
  • Place these crystals around your home to feel safe and loved.

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11. Labradorite and Rose Quartz together

labradorite and rose quartz together

Labradorite is a stunning iridescent stone that is well-known for its spiritual properties.

You can pair this crystal with Rose Quartz to leverage your intuition and use it to create rewarding relationships. 

With these two stones by your side, you’ll learn to pay attention to the subtle nudges and whispers in your core.

This will help you make choices aligned with your authentic self and ultimately foster trust and mutual understanding in your relationships.

You’ll also learn to recognize how you feel around people. Some people make us feel drained, and on the contrary, others have an uplifting energy.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Make an altar for your relationships with Labradorite and Rose Quartz crystals on it. Use this space for reflection and intention setting.
  • Create a couple’s ritual where both of you hold the crystals and express the intention to reinforce your commitment to each other. 
  • Meditate with Labradorite and Rose Quartz to connect to your inner voice. 

12. Fluorite and Rose Quartz together

fluorite and rose quartz together

The next crystal on our list of the best combinations for Rose Quartz is Fluorite.

Many people use Fluorite and Rose Quartz together during meditation practices.

The calming properties of Fluorite combined with the loving energy of Rose Quartz create the perfect environment for deep inner peace and self-reflection. 

With these two together, you can reflect on your emotional well-being and also foster a connection between your heart and spirit.

You can use Green Fluorite with Rose Quartz if you want to activate your Heart chakra.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Keep these crystals on your bedside table to promote restful sleep and loving dreams.
  • Place Fluorite and Rose Quartz in the southwest corner of a space to promote love and relationships.
  • Gift this crystal pairing to someone you care about. Place both stones in a beautiful pouch and include a note explaining the intention behind the gift.

13. Moonstone and Rose Quartz together

moonstone and rose quartz together

Moonstone and Rose Quartz are two beautiful gemstones that share one very important property. They are both associated with feminine energies.

As its name suggests, Moonstone is linked to the Moon while Rose Quartz embodies qualities of love and compassion. 

They also make a powerful crystal combination when it comes to emotional healing. 

Moonstone’s calming effect matches perfectly with Rose Quartz’s loving vibration. 

Together, they can help you develop your emotional awareness so that you can navigate your feelings with greater ease.

Finally, you can use these two stones to encourage compassionate and empathetic communication to improve your relationships.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Use these two crystals during a chakra balancing exercise. Place Moonstone on your Crown chakra and Rose Quartz on your heart to connect your heart and mind.
  • If you keep a journal, place Moonstone and Rose Quartz next to you when writing down your thoughts and feelings. They will help you reflect and express yourself more authentically.
  • Place the stones in a pattern that resonates with your intentions such as a circle, heart, or flower of life. Sit down and meditate in front of your grid.

14. Howlite and Rose Quartz together

howlite and rose quartz together

Howlite is another stunning crystal you can try combining with Rose Quartz. 

It has a soothing vibe that is said to help release negative emotions such as rage, pain, and anger.

If you struggle with insomnia, pairing Howlite with Rose Quartz might be just what you need to do.

Together, these two stones emit calming vibrations that can promote a more relaxed state of mind.

You can meditate with them before bed to release stress and anxiety.

This will also help you develop your spiritual side and greatly connect to your inner self.

How to use this crystal pairing:

  • Put the stones under your pillow to promote a restful and peaceful sleep.
  • Carry small tumbled Howlite and Rose Quartz stones in your pocket as worry stones to soothe anxiety and stress throughout the day.
  • Place the stones on your body during meditation to promote emotional healing and relaxation.

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15. Green Jade and Rose Quartz together

green jade and rose quartz together

Last on our list of the best crystal combinations for Rose Quartz is Green Jade.

This beautiful crystal is said to be helpful in attracting wealth, abundance, and good fortune.

Because it is green, Green Jade is also a stone that activates the Heart chakra, just like Rose Quartz.

Together, they are perfect for promoting self-love and healthy relationships.

You can also pair these two together if you’re trying to move on from a loss. They can help you release pain and sadness associated with grief.

How to use this crystal pairing: 

  • Hold both stones in your hands and recite positive affirmations to attract abundance and healthy relationships.
  • Wear Green Jade and Rose Quartz in jewelry to allow their vibrations to influence your energy. 
  • Keep them in a bowl in your home to attract positive vibes. 

Bottom line

Rose Quartz is a beautiful soothing stone. It can be easily paired with other crystals for healing or manifestation.

Some of the best crystals that you can combine with Rose Quartz include Amethyst, Rhodonite, and Carnelian.

Together, these stones can really create some amazing results. 

What are your favorite crystal combinations for Rose Quartz? Let me know in the comments below!

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