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The Most Powerful Crystal Combinations For Citrine

The Most Powerful Crystal Combinations For Citrine

Citrine is a sunny stone that represents confidence, happiness, and success. With its warm energy, this crystal encourages us to live life to the fullest. This yellow gemstone has many other benefits that can be amplified when paired with other stones. Read on to discover the best crystal combinations for Citrine and how to use them.

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Quick overview

Here are the ten best crystal combinations for Citrine: 

  • Clear Quartz
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Emerald
  • Malachite
  • Red Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Hematite
  • Aquamarine
  • Moonstone
  • Labradorite

Keep reading for more details on how these crystal pairings can help you in your daily life. 

1. Clear Quartz and Citrine together

clear quartz and citrine together

If you want to manifest wealth, prosperity, and success, combining Clear Quartz and Citrine is definitely your best option. 

Being successful is the ultimate goal that most of us have in life. With the right mindset, you can find your purpose and accomplish success. By encouraging you to focus on your goals, Clear Quartz can help you get clear on what you want to manifest. At the same time, Citrine imparts enthusiasm, encouraging you to live your life the way you want to.

If you want to attract money, Clear Quartz and Citrine can help you by encouraging you to look on the bright side of things. Remember, the key to attracting abundance is to have a positive attitude.

2. Smoky Quartz and Citrine together

smoky quartz and citrine together

Next on our list of the best crystal combinations for Citrine is Smoky Quartz. This crystal has a grounding energy that works well with Citrine. 

Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone for releasing stress and anxiety. If you have a hard time combatting stress, you can pair Smoky Quartz with Citrine to promote positive thoughts and actions. 

Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people. With their gentle vibrations, Smoky Quartz and Citrine can ground you in the moment and help you feel safe. This will reboot your brain so that you can get rid of those uncomfortable feelings.

3. Emerald and Citrine together

emerald and citrine together

Emerald, also called the stone of successful love, is one of the best crystals for manifesting passion and romance. This crystal pairs well with many others, but the main benefit of pairing it with Citrine is that both stones promote friendship.

For most of us, friends form a big part of our life. They are the ones we share our ups and downs with. If you’ve been willing to make new friends, you can pair Emerald and Citrine to give you the courage to get yourself out there and meet new people.

You can also benefit from Citrine’s warm energy to boost your self-confidence. When you are confident in yourself it is easier for others to see those qualities in you as well. 

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4. Malachite and Citrine together

malachite and citrine crystal combination

Next on our list of the best crystal combinations for Citrine is Malachite. Malachite and Citrine make the perfect crystal pair for positive transformation. If you want to learn how to change your life and live your dreams, Malachite and Citrine can definitely assist. 

The one constant thing in our life is change. The more we resist it, the tougher our life becomes. With Malachite and Citrine by your side, you’ll learn to embrace change and make the most of it. 

Malachite and Citrine together can assist you in finding meaning in your life. By encouraging risk-taking, these two stones can help you change the direction of how you want to live your life. They can also help you identify your bad habits or break outworn patterns that could hold you back from making significant life changes.

5. Red Garnet and Citrine together

Red Garnet and citrine crystal combination

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, Red Garnet and Citrine can definitely assist. These two powerful crystals inspire passion and self-confidence, increasing your desire for intimacy. 

It’s normal for our libido to fluctuate over time. However, when there is a mismatch in sex drive between two partners, it can put a strain on the relationship. Garnet, with its beautiful red color and healing energy, relieves sexual problems and boosts libido. 

Citrine, on the other hand, can help you by promoting self-confidence, which will help if poor body image and low self-esteem affect your sexual desire. This stone’s warm vibrations make you feel more loving and forgiving. This can drastically improve your relationship with your partner and help you feel more connected to them as well. 

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6. Amethyst and Citrine together

amethyst and citrine crystal combination

Another great crystal you can combine with Citrine is Amethyst. In fact, Citrine and Amethyst together naturally occur in the form of Ametrine. One of the main reasons these two make a great pair is that they are both from the Quartz family. 

You can combine Amethyst with Citrine to release stress and anxiety. Amethyst, as a natural tranquilizer brings emotional balance and soothes the mind. Once you’re calm, you can use Citrine to boost your mood and promote positivity. 

By encouraging you to focus on what’s good in your life, Amethyst and Citrine help you become more grateful as well. You can also use this crystal combination to unblock your upper chakras, from the solar plexus up to the crown. Place Citrine on your Solar Plexus and Amethyst above your head to let the energy flow through your body.

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7. Hematite and Citrine together

hematite and citrine together

Hematite is a grounding crystal that removes negative energy from your life to create room for the positive. With its silver-grey color, this crystal matches beautifully with Citrine’s sunny color. 

You can pair Hematite and Citrine together to remind yourself that you are capable and that good things can happen to you too. By boosting your motivation and willpower, Citrine and Hematite will encourage you to make things happen.

Another great benefit of this combination is that both stones stimulate the brain. By strengthening your intellect,  Hematite and Citrine allow you to express yourself easily and activate your creativity. 

8. Aquamarine and Citrine together

aquamarine and citrine together

Do you want to meet the best version of yourself? Then, this crystal combination is for you. By giving you strength and courage, Aquamarine and Citrine inspire you to get out of your comfort zone.

With its soothing energy, Aquamarine stimulates your inner power, helping you live a healthier, happier, and more successful life. When you claim your inner power, you unlock your true potential in life. 

At the same time, Citrine promotes confidence and tenacity. This can help you acknowledge and accept your fears. When you confront your fears, you can understand the underlying reasons why you’re afraid in the first place. 

9. Moonstone and Citrine together

moonstone and citrine together

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal with a smooth energy flow. It pairs really well with Citrine, making this combination very useful for those who want to start fresh.

Everyone goes through changes in their lives. However, some of us seem to embrace it better than others. As a stone for new beginnings, Moonstone is the perfect crystal for starting over. Its nurturing energy will help you gain a fresh perspective on your situation.

Once you’ve identified what’s holding you back, you can use Citrine to promote determination. This will help you decide what you want to do next so that you can make your first step in the right direction.  

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10. Labradorite and Citrine together

labradorite and citrine together

Last on our list of the best crystal combinations for Citrine is Labradorite. If you want to develop and strengthen your intuition, these two stones have just what you need. 

Intuition is the way the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. It exists in all of us and we can use it to shape our lives for the better. Because it is associated with the third eye chakra, Labradorite can help you connect to that trustworthy inner voice. 

One of the best ways you can use Labradorite and Citrine together to strengthen your intuition is to meditate with these crystals. Messages from your intuition tend to be quiet, so spending time in silence will help you hear and interpret these messages. 

Simply hold Labradorite and Citrine in your hand while meditating to open your third eye and feel the connection to your crystals.

How to use crystal combinations for Citrine

All the crystal combinations for Citrine mentioned are perfect for healing your body, mind, and soul. Here are some of the best ways you can use them:

Keep your crystals in your purse

If you’re new to the crystal world and are unsure how to use them, you can start by putting one or two stones in your purse. In fact, keeping Citrine and Clear Quartz together in your purse is a great way to attract more money your way.

Use affirmations

Crystals are even more effective when you use them with affirmations. Reciting affirmations with your crystals can help you challenge and overcome self-sabotaging thoughts. All you have to do is hold the crystals in your hand and repeat a mantra that speaks to you. If you want to get some ideas, you can check out these 100 affirmations for Citrine. 

Wear crystal jewelry

Do you want to keep your stones close to your touch? Then you should definitely wear crystal jewelry. The closer your stones are, the more you can tap into their energy. You can easily find crystal bracelets with mixed gemstones on them. Don’t forget to cleanse your jewelry, just like you would do for any other stone, before wearing it.

Write in a journal

Journaling is one of the best ways to understand your thoughts and feelings more clearly. If you struggle with stress or anxiety, keeping a journal is actually a great idea. Simply keep Citrine and Hematite on your desk while journaling to stay focused and promote positive thoughts.

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Bottom line

Citrine is a beautiful yellow-orange gemstone with a warm energy. It can be easily paired with other crystals for healing or manifestation. Some of the best crystals that you can combine with Citrine include Clear Quartz, Emerald, and Hematite. These stones can work magic to help you achieve your goals, big or small. 

Which crystal combination for Citrine do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below! Did you enjoy reading this post? Pin it!

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