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100 Clear Quartz Affirmations For Healing

100 Clear Quartz Affirmations For Healing

In this article: Discover the best crystal affirmations for Clear Quartz and how to use them!

Crystals and affirmations can boost your self-confidence and belief in your own abilities in just a few days. By using both together, you’ll learn to focus on your strengths instead of your shortcomings.

It’s a great way to improve your mood and your outlook on life quickly. Clear Quartz is a multipurpose crystal. This means you can use Clear Quartz affirmations for any and all conditions.

Read on to learn more about Clear Quartz, its affirmations, and how to use them. 

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Why should I use Clear Quartz Affirmations 

Clear Quartz is well known for being the Master Healer. This clear gemstone is very versatile and is by far, one of the most powerful stones of the crystal kingdom. It amplifies energy, as well as the effect of other crystals.

More than that, Clear Quartz can also enhance psychic abilities by opening the crown chakra. Below, you’ll find a few more ways Clear Quartz and its affirmations can help you soothe your body, mind, and soul.

To cleanse and balance all the chakras

The powerful energy of Clear Quartz stimulates all the chakras, but especially the top one. This makes it the perfect crystal for enhancing intuition and connecting to your higher self.

When the crown chakra is out of balance, we find it difficult to recognize spiritual guidance. You can use Clear Quartz to open your mind to new possibilities and learn to listen to your inner voice. 

To amplify energy

Clear Quartz transmutes negative energy from the environment into positive energy. It amplifies the energy from other stones as well.

For this reason, it’s a great crystal to combine with other stones. More than that, Clear Quartz can also amplify intention, making it the perfect tool for meditation or gridding. 

You can use Clear Quartz for any purpose, including meditation, healing, attracting love, or prosperity. Because it absorbs energies very easily, you need to cleanse Clear Quartz very often. This inspiring crystal is perfect for cleansing and activating all the chakras as well. 

To boost your psychic abilities

Clear Quartz is a very spiritual stone. It protects the wearer against psychic attacks and promotes psychic abilities. It can also assist in contacting spirit guardians, and expand consciousness.

With its strong vibrations, Clear Quartz will enhance communication with people, plants, animals, and the divine as well.

It gives you access to unconscious knowledge and helps you understand things instinctively. It also assists in past life recalls and connects you to the higher planes of existence. 

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100 Clear Quartz Affirmations for healing

If you want to heal your body, mind, and soul, use the affirmations below when you set your intentions with Clear Quartz:

1. I am pure, beautiful, radiant light. 

2. I forgive myself.

3. I give myself permission to heal. 

4. I let go of negativity. 

5. I let go of my pain. 

6. My current circumstances are just another opportunity to grow. 

7. I forgive those who hurt me. 

8. I listen to my inner voice. 

9. I am guided by the universe. 

10. I am open to new possibilities. 

11. I allow myself to give and receive love. 

12. I let go of my need to control everything. 

13. I take responsibility for my actions. 

14. I am willing to give and receive unconditional love. 

15. I set myself free from my pain. 

16. I know challenges help me grow. 

17. I become stronger each day. 

18. Each day I become wiser and more compassionate. 

19. I am at peace with myself. 

20. I go through the storms of life with positivity. 

21. I love everything and everyone. 

22. I forgive myself for my mistakes. 

23.  This too shall pass. 

24. I accept the perspective and opinion of others. 

25. Each day is a new opportunity to be my best self.

26. I let go of things I cannot control. 

27. I am happy and healthy.

28. I trust and respect my body, mind, and soul. 

29. I put myself and my well-being above everything. 

30. What I think about myself is more important than what people think of me. 

31. I am grateful to be alive. 

32. I am happy and energetic. 

33. Each day, I am getting healthier. 

34. I am determined to see things differently. 

35. I manifest happiness and joy. 

36. I deserve love and respect. 

37. I am ready to discover the purpose of my life. 

38. My past does not define me. 

39. I respect my boundaries. 

40. I am beautiful and self-confident. 

41. My soul is full of pure love. 

42. My heart is pure. 

43. I let go of all grudges against those who have hurt me. 

44. I am kind to everyone.  

45. I embrace my imperfections. 

46. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life. 

47. I know my pain will heal soon.

48. I have a healthy body. 

49. I am grateful to have a healthy body, mind, and soul. 

50. I am strong and healthy. 

51. I am open to the healing energies of the universe. 

52. I eat healthy to nourish my body and spirit. 

53. My health is my priority. 

54. I am at peace with my body. 

55. I love myself unconditionally. 

56. I do everything I can to keep my body in perfect health. 

57. I only have positive thoughts. 

58. I release thoughts of hatred, jealousy, anger, and fear. 

59. I love my body, and my body loves me.

60. I deserve to be happy and healthy. 

61. Each day, I improve the quality of my life. 

62. I am proud of myself for everything I accomplish. 

63. I invest time in myself because I am worth it. 

64. I am good enough.

65. I believe in myself. 

66. I promise to take care of myself every single day. 

67. I open my heart and soul to love, happiness and positivity.

68. I attract love, happiness, and success. 

69. Every cell in my body is healthy. 

70. I deserve only the best. 

71. I am full of energy. 

72. I feel great in my body and in my mind. 

73. I know everything happens for a reason. 

74. I am ready to open my heart to love. 

75. I let go of the past to heal my broken heart. 

76. I am ready to start over. 

77. I can handle stress and anxiety. 

78. I know I have what it takes to be successful. 

79. I am protected by the healing energy of the universe. 

80. Everything is alright in my world. 

81. Challenges make me stronger. 

82. I choose to welcome happiness into my life. 

83. I am a warrior.

84. The universe gives me strength. 

85. I am hopeful for the future. 

86. I am ready to fulfill my purpose. 

87. I let go of pessimism and negativity. 

88. I live in peace. 

89. I breathe in positive energy and breathe out negative thoughts.

90. I know what is best for me. 

91. I am beautiful and vibrant. 

92. I am balanced. 

93. I live in the present moment. 

94. I express my feelings and emotions openly. 

95. I am responsible for my health. 

96. I am proud of who I am. 

97. I am kind to myself. 

98. Happiness and joy are a priority in my life. 

99. I am supported and loved by the universe. 

100. I can heal myself. 

How to program Clear Quartz with affirmations

You will start benefiting from your Clear Quartz crystal once it is programmed for a specific purpose. It will be easier for you to manifest your aspirations, and you will start noticing changes in your environment. Here are some tips on how to program Clear Quartz with affirmations:

1. Choose the right intention

The first thing to do is to figure out what you want to manifest. To discover what you want to attract in your life, you’ll need to look inside yourself. Clear Quartz is a multipurpose crystal, so you can manifest anything with it. You can even combine it with other crystals to amplify your intention. 

The clearer the intention, the easier it will be to manifest. The affirmations suggested in this post are for healing body, mind, and soul. However, if you have a very precise idea of what your intention is, it’s even better. 

If you have trouble figuring out what you want to manifest, you can make a list of the most important things you want to accomplish. Write your ideas on paper, it’ll be easier to bring them to life.

2. Cleanse your Clear Quartz crystal

Before programming your gemstone with your intention, it is important to cleanse it first. This way you can wash it from all the negative energies attached to it. You can use freshwater, saltwater, sage, or moonlight to cleanse your Clear Quartz. It is a very important step because Clear Quartz absorbs all the energies in the environment, so don’t skip it! You can read this post to find more ways to cleanse your crystals easily.

3. Find a quiet space

Next, find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable. You should free your mind of negative emotions and thoughts before programming your Clear Quartz. Try to focus on positive thoughts, and smile. Remember, it is easier to attract what you want when you are in a positive state of mind.

To lower your stress level, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Focus on your breath to calm your mind, body, and soul.

4. Set your intention with your affirmation

Hold your Clear Quartz in your left hand, the receiving side. Close your eyes again and take three deep breaths. Then, repeat your chosen affirmation out loud several times. At the same time, visualize what you want to manifest. 

Then, envision your crystal absorbing your intention. This step is very important, it will help you achieve your goal. After you programmed your Clear Quartz, you can keep it close by and use it as a visual reminder of your intention. 

Bottom line

Crystals are amazing earth treasures that can help us manifest our dreams. Clear Quartz is a powerful and versatile gemstone that you can use to manifest anything you want.  

Combined with affirmations, crystals are even more useful. Repeating these positive affirmations every day will help you manifest your aspirations.

After you program your crystal with your affirmation, you can keep it as a visual reminder to focus on your dreams. What is your favorite Clear Quartz affirmation? Let me know in the comments below!

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