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100 Citrine Affirmations For Creativity, Wealth And Success

100 Citrine Affirmations For Creativity, Wealth And Success

In this article: Discover the best crystal affirmations for Citrine and how to use them!

Crystals and affirmations are two very powerful manifestation tools. In fact, you can combine affirmations to encourage creativity, wealth, and success every day. 

Through repeated use, you can expect to heal your body, mind, and soul. You will attract positive vibrations, and the change in energy will attract those of similar energy to you.

If you’re ready and willing to change your life for the better, read this post to discover 100 Citrine affirmations and how to use them. 

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Why should I use Citrine affirmations

Citrine is a beautiful yellow stone that awakens your solar plexus chakra. It’s a very popular gemstone that can be really powerful combined with affirmations. Here are some reasons why you should use Citrine affirmations:

To develop your Solar Plexus chakra

With its beautiful yellow color, Citrine is directly connected to the solar plexus chakra. It purifies and opens the third chakra to encourage creativity, prosperity, and self-confidence.

To promote abundance and prosperity

Citrine is an abundance crystal that brings prosperity, success, and optimism. Known as the merchant’s stone, it’s especially useful for business owners or people who want to have success in their careers.

Combine Citrine with affirmations for abundance to attract money effortlessly! Do you want to learn more about what Citrine can do? Click here to discover the healing properties of Citrine

To encourage self-expression and creativity

Citrine is a highly creative crystal. Not only does it inspire joy, wonder, and enthusiasm, but it also promotes self-expression and creativity.

This stone encourages the flow of ideas and encourages you to take risks. It also enhances concentration and stimulates the mind. This helps you solve problems and face life challenges with ease.  

To raise self-esteem

Do you feel like you lack self-confidence? Then, recite affirmations with Citrine to release fear and boost your self-esteem.

It might take a little while to work, but it can definitely help raise your self-confidence and ultimately receive more abundance in your life. In time, you will even become more enthusiastic and optimistic.

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100 Citrine Affirmations for Creativity, Wealth, and Success 

If you want to promote creativity, wealth, and success, use the affirmations below when you set your intentions with Citrine:

1. I always choose the best for myself.

2. Everything I seek is within me.

3. I am confident in my ability to succeed.

4. I am worthy.

5. I am valuable.

6. I make my own decisions with confidence.

7. I am talented and creative.

8. My ideas are innovative.

9. Creativity flows through me.

10. I find inspiration everywhere.

11. I have a powerful imagination.

12. I see beauty everywhere around me.

13. I connect to the world with my creativity.

14. I discover new ideas now.

15. I enjoy creative expression.

16. My life is a limitless source of creativity and passion.

17. My ideas are unique.

18. I am creative and passionate.

19. I solve problems with ease.

20. I inspire others around me.

21. I love sharing my creative ideas with others.

22. Innovative ideas come to me naturally.

23.  I’m not afraid to pursue creativity.

24. I learn and grow from taking creative risks.

25. Creativity comes to me effortlessly.

26. The universe inspires me.

27. Today, I take the time to create.

28. My creativity flows freely.

29. I am filled with creative energy.

30. Today, I express myself freely.

31. I attract ingenious ideas.

32. I deserve a prosperous life.

33. Money comes to me effortlessly.

34. I can use money to change my life for the better.

35. More money can offer more opportunities.

36. I release my negative emotions about money.

37. I can tackle all money obstacles.

38. I am on the path to a wealthy life.

39. I attract abundance and prosperity.

40. I am a financially successful person.

41. Every day, I improve my relationship with money.

42. I am worthy of what I desire.

43. Everything I need to be successful is within me.

44. I am grateful for the positive things in my life.

45. My possibilities are limitless.

46. I am open to new possibilities and I believe in myself.

47. I am guided by the Universe.

48. I am my own source of motivation.

49. I am open to unexpected opportunities.

50. I am aligned with my soul’s purpose.

51. I am grateful for the abundance that I have.

52. I am a money magnet.

53. I make money easily.

54. Money loves me.

55. I believe there is enough abundance for everyone.

56. I always have enough money.

57. Abundance comes to me easily.

58. Prosperity is drawn to me.

59. Money comes to me from unexpected sources.

60. I am worthy of making more money.

61. Wealth flows into my life.

62. Everything I do creates constant prosperity.

63. I attract opportunities that create more money.

64. I am the master of my wealth.

65. I can handle large sums of money.

66. I am not afraid to handle a lot of money.

67. I am the architect of my life.

68. I am willing to face my fears.

69. I always make smart decisions for myself.

70. Today is a great day.

71. I have unlimited power to achieve my dreams.

72. I create the life I want.

73. I trust my intuition.

74. I am focused on my goals.

75. I have the power to create all the success I desire.

76. I will not let negative beliefs stand in the way of my success.

77. I am surrounded by positive people who believe in me.

78. I feel confident and powerful.

79. I am grateful for a successful life.

80. I am passionate about what I do.

81.My self-confidence is constantly rising.

82. I am a creative and persistent being.

83. I attract success and happiness.

84. Every day, I create new opportunities for myself.

85. My actions bring me closer to my goals.

86. I am my best self every day.

87. I have infinite potential to grow and improve.

88. I know what to do to achieve success.

89. I am attuned to the abundance of success.

90. I am entitled to financial freedom.

91. I am unique and amazing.

92. I trust my abilities.

93. I have to power to overcome all obstacles.

94. I am focused and determined.

95. My actions create constant prosperity.

96. I focus my energy on what I’m good at.

97. I am a magnet for success.

98. All challenges lead to growth. 

99. I am a magnet for miracles.

100. My dreams always come true.

How to use Citrine with affirmations

You will start benefiting from your Citrine crystal once it is programmed for a specific purpose. It will be easier for you to manifest your aspirations, and you will start noticing changes in your environment. Here are some tips on how to program Citrine with affirmations:

1. Find the right intention

The first thing to do is to figure out what you want to manifest. Do you want to encourage creativity, prosperity, or success? To discover what you want to manifest, you’ll need to look inside yourself. 

The clearer the intention, the easier it will be to manifest. The affirmations suggested in this post are here to inspire you and help you decide what you want and what is important to you. 

If you have trouble figuring out what you want to manifest, you can make a list of the most important things you want to accomplish. Write your ideas on paper, it’ll be easier to bring them to life.

2. Cleanse your Citrine crystal

Before charging your crystal with your intention, it is important to cleanse it first. This way you can wash it from all the negative energies attached to it. You can use freshwater, saltwater, sage, or moonlight to cleanse your Citrine. You can read this post to find more ways to cleanse your crystals easily.

3. Find a quiet space

Next, find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable. You should free your mind of negative emotions and thoughts before programming your Citrine. Try to focus on positive thoughts, and smile. Remember, it is easier to attract what you want when you are in a positive state of mind.

To lower your stress level, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Focus on your breath to calm your mind, body, and soul.

4. Program your Citrine with your affirmation

Hold your Citrine in your left hand, the receiving side. Close your eyes again and take three deep breaths. Then, repeat your chosen affirmation out loud several times. At the same time, visualize what you want to manifest.

Then, envision your crystal absorbing your intention. This step is very important, it will help you achieve your goal.

After you programmed your Citrine, you can keep it close by and use it as a visual reminder of your intention. 

Bottom line

Crystals are amazing earth treasures that can help us manifest our dreams. Citrine is an especially powerful crystal that can be used to manifest creativity, wealth, and success. 

Combined with affirmations, crystals are even more useful. Repeating these positive affirmations every day will help you manifest your aspirations. After you program your crystal with your affirmation, you can keep it as a visual reminder to focus on your dreams. What is your favorite Citrine affirmation? Let me know in the comments below!

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