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Chrysocolla Meaning & Healing Properties

Chrysocolla Meaning & Healing Properties

Chrysocolla is a beautiful crystal that has been used for its wonderful properties since ancient times. It is a soothing crystal that can be used to bring peace and harmony into one’s life. It is also well-known for being deeply connected to the Throat and Heart chakras, promoting communication and honesty. Read on to discover more about the meaning and healing properties of Chrysocolla and how to use this beautiful stone. 

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Chrysocolla at a glance

Origin: Israel

Color: Cyan (blue/green)

Chakra: Throat, Heart

Zodiac Sign: Gemini, Taurus, Virgo

Element: Water

Companion stones: Azurite, Malachite, Larimar

Common properties of Chrysocolla

  • Improves communication
  • Encourages calm, serenity, and tranquility
  • Inspires creativity
  • Helps overcome phobias
  • Enhances personal power
  • Heals heartache and encourages love
  • Brings peace and harmony
  • Treats arthritis and muscle spams
  • Detoxifies the liver, kidneys, and intestines
  • Helps with PMS and menstrual cramps

Meaning of Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a copper silicate crystal that is often found with Malachite, Turquoise, and Azurite. Together they create a mixed gemstone known as Eilat stone, which is the national stone of Israel. The name Chrysocolla comes from the Greek word ‘Chrysos’ meaning ‘Gold’ and ‘Kola’ meaning ‘glue’, referring to its use as a flux in soldering gold.

This amazing gemstone has been popular over the centuries for its beautiful cyan color, but also its wonderful healing properties. 

Native Americans have been using it to strengthen the body’s resistance to illness and for its fantastic calming benefits. Chrysocolla has also inspired many artists, especially modern jewelry designers who often use it in their designs.

With a MOH hardness of 2.5 to 3, Chrysocolla is fairly soft so some care is needed when handling it. It’s also good to know that Chrysocolla’s dust is toxic, so you should definitely not use it for crystal elixirs. 

This beautiful gemstone can be found wherever large copper deposits occur, in countries such as Australia, Mexico, the USA, and the UK. 

Chrysocolla healing properties

What are the healing properties of Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is well known for its wealth of healing properties. With its soothing vibrations, this green-hued beauty is a great ally to those fascinated by the idea of attracting change, confidence, and love into their lives. More than that, Chrysocolla can also promote positive communication and encourage you to speak your truth. Below, you’ll find a few more ways Chrysocolla can help you soothe your body, mind, and soul.

Physical healing properties

Physically, Chrysocolla can be used to heal throat inflammation and infection and is excellent for sore throats, laryngitis, and support of the larynx in general.

This stone can also ease congested lungs, making it very useful for people who have bronchitis or asthma. Chrysocolla is a gentle healing stone that also treats arthritis, bone disease, osteoporosis, and muscle spasms. 

Because it helps release stress and feelings of guilt, this crystal is also good for people who suffer from a nervous disorder such as anxiety and depression. 

Chrysocolla is very effective for detoxifying the liver, kidneys, and intestines. If you’re trying for a child, you can also use Chrysocolla with a conscious intent to heal your reproductive organs, encourage fertility and pregnancy.

It’s also a useful crystal to fight PMS, menopause, and menstrual cramps. Finally, you can use Chrysocolla if you suffer from any sort of pain or fever, as it regularizes the thyroid gland and blood sugar levels. 

Emotional healing properties

Chrysocolla is a powerful stone with wonderful emotional healing properties. It can be useful to those who wish to bring peace and harmony into their lives. Strongly connected to the Heart Chakra, Chrysocolla is often used to heal heartache, and promote unconditional love. It inspires change, flexibility, and creativity in all things. 

With its soothing energy, this beautiful crystal will also help you heal emotional blockages, allowing you to look to the future with determination and optimism. Chrysocolla imparts confidence and sensitivity, helping you adjust to changing situations. It reveals inner truths, encourages patience and resilience.

Carrying or wearing Chrysocolla can help you remove negative energies and encourage you to speak your truth. It is useful for promoting open and positive communication, especially with people who are abusive or unhelpful. Chrysocolla is a stone that helps you communicate effectively with others, releasing patterns of sarcasm and criticism. 

If you feel like you lack personal power, Chrysocolla will give you the motivation and ambition to achieve your goals. During meditation, it will also promote self-awareness, inner balance, and intuition. Also, you will be able to overcome all your phobias with Chrysocolla. This stone also has the ability to help you keep cool in times of adversity or when confronted with a difficult situation. 

Metaphysical healing properties

Chrysocolla is a great stone for spiritual seekers who want to bring calm, reassurance, and patience into their lives. It is a calming stone that can assist in emotional and spiritual healing. 

This blue and green gem can inspire you to accept situations as they are and give you the courage to pursue your dreams. It is also a powerful tool that can be used to engage in deep meditative practices, or any spiritual journey. 

Also a great stone for intuition, Chrysocolla gives you access to unconscious knowledge by inducing psychic dreams that answer your questions. 

This stone is especially useful for people who have suffered from any form of sexual and emotional abuse such as rape, or incest. 

By aligning your consciousness with the Divine, Chrysocolla can help you express your heart energy and facilitate manifestation. This stone is particularly useful in love rituals to attract passion and banish the fear of commitment.

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Chrysocolla and the chakras

Chrysocolla’s green energy stimulates the Heart chakra, which enhances your innate healing abilities, encouraging compassion for yourself and others. The Heart chakra is the center of love, it governs how we relate to people and handle relationships.

Also close to the Throat Chakra, Chrysocolla can help you speak and live your truth without fear. When the Throat chakra is out of balance, we find it difficult to cope with change or express what we think and feel. You can use Chrysocolla to express your emotions safely and encourage creative abilities. 

Best combinations to use with Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a powerful gemstone with great healing properties. You can combine it with other crystals to enjoy even more healing benefits. Here are a few stones that work great with Chrysocolla:


Often found together, Azurite and Chrysocolla can make a beautiful combination. Together, these two crystals will enhance your focus, intuition, and creativity. The rich blue colors of Azurite paired with the soothing energy of Chrysocolla will help you release stress and confusion, allowing you to see new possibilities. Additionally, these two crystals will help you understand the reasons for your fears and give you the courage to speak your truth.

Chrysocolla and azurite combination 


Chrysocolla and Malachite can be combined to bring protection and harmony into your life. Chrysocolla will open your heart to unconditional love, while Malachite will encourage you to break unwanted ties and outworn patterns. Together these two crystals can teach you how to cope with changes and take responsibility for your actions. You can also combine these two gemstones to create a strong shield against negative energies. 

chrysocolla and malachite combination


As a manifestation stone, Larimar is the perfect companion crystal for Chrysocolla. The calming energies of Larimar combined with the powerful Chrysocolla will help you dissolve self-sabotaging behaviors and remove fear of change. During meditation, you can use Larimar and Chrysocolla to calm the mind and dissolve energy blocks. You can also wear these two crystals to promote love and joy.  

chrysocolla and larimar combination

How to use Chrysocolla

If you choose to use Chrysocolla for its healing benefits, then you are sure to nourish your mind with this cyan beauty. There are several ways you can use Chrysocolla in your everyday life. Whether you want to leave it on your altar or use it as a powerful tool to heal, here is what you can do:


Meditating is one of the most efficient ways to use Chrysocolla. Hold the stone in your hand while meditating to create a close connection to the skin. It will promote high vibrations and help clear any blockages you might have.

Use affirmations

You can use affirmations to stimulate the Throat and Heart chakras with Chrysocolla. You can take the crystal in your hand and repeat several times affirmations such as ‘I clearly intend to express myself, ‘Creativity flows in and through me’, or ‘Every time I speak, I am expressing love’. 

Wear it in jewelry

If you struggle to communicate your feelings, you can wear Chrysocolla as a necklace or bracelet. Touch the stone whenever you need some soothing vibes. You can also wear it for job interviews or first dates, especially if you have trouble expressing your thoughts and ideas clearly. 

Other questions related to Chrysocolla

Do you want to know more about Chrysocolla? Here are some other questions you might ask yourself about this crystal: 

Can Chrysocolla get wet?

Chrysocolla has a soft hardness, which means it shouldn’t be in water for a long period of time. However, you can cleanse your stone with warm water for brief periods of time. It will not damage the crystal. If you intend to put Chrysocolla in water though, you should dispose of the water afterward because Chrysocolla’s dust makes the water toxic.  

Is Chryscocolla a stone or crystal?

Stones and crystals are both formed from minerals. Crystals are solid materials comprised of atoms and molecules arranged in a repeating pattern. Stones are concrete mineral matters. Both come from the earth and are made of different materials, but Chrysocolla is definitely a crystal. 

Is Chrsycocolla expensive?

Chrysocolla is a pretty common stone and is not really expensive. It can be easily found online, at gem shows, or metaphysical shops. However, high-grade Chrysocolla will be more expensive than a stone of low quality. 

Is Chrsycocolla the same as Turquoise?

Although Chrysocolla and Turquoise are both copper minerals and look similar in appearance, they are not the same thing. The difference mainly lies in their scientific composition. Turquoise is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum, while Chrysocolla is a copper silicate. Also, Turquoise is more rare and prized than Chrysocolla. 

Where to buy Chrysocolla

There are several places where you can buy Chrysocolla. You either buy it at your local crystal shop or online. Here are a few online shops you might want to consider if you’re looking for Chrysocolla:

Etsy: If you’re looking for smaller specimens or jewelry, you can have a look at Etsy. The shop New Moon Beginnings has quite a few Chrysocolla specimens and also jewelry. You can also check out Spirit Nectar, a store that has some beautiful Chrysocolla in Shattuckite crystals, along with many other gemstones. Do you want to purchase crystals online? Read my post to find the best shops! 

Amazon: Head to the most popular marketplace in the world to find Chrysocolla tumbled stones, jewelry, wands, and raw specimens. All for a very affordable price! 

Bottom line

Chrysocolla is one of the most beautiful stones there is in the crystal world. For those looking to heal their Heart chakra, heal heartache and encourage unconditional love, Chrysocolla is the perfect stone for you. It’s also helpful if you need to promote self-expression, inspire creativity and speak your truth to the world. What are your thoughts on Chrysocolla and its healing properties? Let me know in the comments below!