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Cancer Crystals And Stones: 15 Gems For The Compassionate Crab

Cancer Crystals And Stones: 15 Gems For The Compassionate Crab

In this article: Discover the best crystals and stones for the Cancer star sign and their benefits!

Born under the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancerians are known for their compassionate nature, creative mind, and good intuition. 

Initially, Cancer natives can seem cold or aloof but underneath the surface, they are deeply caring and sensitive. 

They embody the water element and as such are recognized for their ability to go with the flow. They can also be moody and hold grudges when they’re hurt. 

With crystals and stones, the compassionate Crabs of the Zodiac can easily enhance their strengths and improve their flaws. 

Read on to learn more about the best crystals and stones for the Cancer sun sign and how to use them.

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Quick Overview

Here are the fifteen best crystals and stones for the Cancer star sign: 

  • Ruby for stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Rainbow Moonstone for emotional balance.
  • Rhodonite for self-love. 
  • Emerald for building strong relationships. 
  • Chrysoprase for releasing negative emotions.
  • Celestite for overthinking.  
  • Selenite for enhancing your intuition. 
  • Chrysocolla for encouraging empathy. 
  • Rose Quartz for emotional healing. 
  • Red Jasper for Cancer men.
  • Orange Calcite for achieving goals.
  • Opal for letting go.
  • Rainbow Fluorite for mental clarity.
  • Aquamarine for Cancer women.
  • Amazonite for coping with emotional stress.

Keep reading for more details on how these stones can help Cancer natives in their daily life. 

About Cancer Sun Sign

Before we dive into details about the best crystals for the Cancer sun sign, here are a few things you might want to know about Cancerians:

Dates: June 21 – July 22

Symbol: Crab

Ruling planet: Moon

Element: Water

Lucky stone: Ruby

Soulmates: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces 

Cancer Personality Traits


Cancer is a water sign represented by a crab. Ruled by the Moon, Cancerians are highly intuitive and very sensitive. 

They have a great connection with their emotions, and often thrive in an environment that is emotionally supportive and caring.

Crabs are compassionate, loyal, and devoted to their family and friends. They are also excellent caregivers and always nurture those close to them. 

In addition to these traits, they are also quite creative and thrive in an artistic environment. 

When they’re in love, Cancerians can become jealous and sometimes even possessive. 

They overthink everything and tend to fear disappointment. This is why when things don’t go their way, they can also become very vindictive. 

Cancer Crystals and Stones: 15 Gems For The Compassionate Crab

Below, you’ll find the fifteen best gemstones for Cancer and some tips on how to make the most of them. 

1. Ruby

ruby meaning

As a July birthstone, Ruby is known to be one of the best crystals for Cancerians. Its intense red color symbolizes your loving nature and can also help you balance your emotions. 

Cancer natives are very scared of stepping out of their comfort zone. This fear can be paralyzing and can even stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. 

With Ruby by your side, you’ll finally have the courage to venture out into places that are both emotionally and physically unfamiliar to you. 

This crystal’s ability to encourage passion and improve motivation can also be very beneficial to you if you’re born under the Cancer sun sign.

However, Ruby’s strong connection to the Heart chakra can be overwhelming for the most sensitive Cancerians out there. 

2. Rainbow Moonstone

rainbow moonstone meaning

Also called the ‘Stone for New Beginnings’, Rainbow Moonstone is another great crystal for those who are born under the Cancer sun sign.

Cancer natives can be very moody due to the complexity of their emotions. They can go from extremely happy to extremely sad in a heartbeat, and this is why Moonstone is the perfect crystal for them. 

With its strong lunar connection, Moonstone can help Cancerians deal with their abrupt emotional changes. 

Not only does this nurturing crystal bring emotional balance, but it also heals emotional trauma and encourages self-love. 

Moonstone can also help Crabs connect with their intuitive side. It’ll naturally amplify your instinctual knowledge, leading to better decision-making.

3. Rhodonite

rhodonite meaning

Rhodonite is a stone of compassion that matches perfectly with Cancer’s affectionate personality. 

In love, Cancers are very faithful and committed. So much so that they are prone to sacrificing their own health or interests for the sake of the relationship. This is where Rhodonite can assist. 

With its nurturing energy, Rhodonite will always remind you to love yourself first. It’s also a great stone for grounding and promoting self-confidence.

Because it connects and opens the Heart chakra, Rhodonite can also be used to help Crabs heal their emotional wounds. 

Natives of the Cancer sign also have the tendency to judge themselves very harshly. If you’re one of them, you can use Rhodonite to increase your self-esteem and promote self-love. 

4. Emerald

emerald meaning

Next on our list of the best crystals and stones for Cancer is Emerald. This beautiful green crystal is often used for encouraging selflessness and honesty. 

Also known as the ‘Stone of Successful Love’, Emerald is the best crystal to have for Crabs who want to be lucky in love. 

Emerald is a powerful crystal that can help you build stronger relationships by promoting feelings of loyalty and devotion.

Another great benefit of this stone is that it can also sharpen your memory and awaken the wisdom within you. 

With Emerald by your side, you’ll make sure to live up to your full potential and always stay true to yourself. 

5. Chrysoprase

chrysoprase meaning

Chrysoprase is another wonderful gem that vibrates perfectly with the Cancerian spirit. 

One of the main benefits of this stone is that it has the ability to promote empathy and understanding.

Cancer natives already carry these nurturing traits which means that Chrysoprase will simply enhance them. 

However, Cancerians expect to be met with the same love and affection they give. And when this isn’t the case they can become very vindictive. 

Chrysoprase can help you acknowledge and release negative emotions, encouraging you to let go of grudges and bitterness.

This crystal also instills a deep sense of peace while promoting harmony and tranquility. 

6. Celestite

celestite meaning

Celestite is a beautiful sky-blue stone that promotes inner peace and harmony, making it one of the best crystals for Cancer natives.

Known for being overly sensitive, Crabs have strong emotions that can make them feel insecure at times. 

They don’t handle criticism very well and are notoriously prone to brooding when something doesn’t go their way.

Celestite has a soothing energy that can help Cancerians who have the tendency to dwell on negative thoughts. 

It does that by relaxing the mind, which can help you cope with overthinking. 

Celestite’s calming vibrations can also be very helpful for Cancer natives who struggle with depression, frequent mood swings, or anxiety.

7. Selenite

selenite meaning

Selenite is a very versatile gemstone that is strongly in tune with the spiritual realms. It’s an excellent stone for intuitive Cancerians who are psychics by nature. 

Because it opens the Crown chakra, Selenite helps natives of the fourth Zodiac sign strengthen their connection with the spiritual world. 

With this stone, you’ll be able to make decisions quickly and easily purely based on your gut instinct. 

Selenite also promotes emotional intelligence, which means that you’ll be able to read people with ease. 

Another great benefit of this powerful crystal is that it encourages self-reflection and clarity of mind. 

This can be very beneficial for Cancerians who can quickly feel overwhelmed by their emotions. 

8. Chrysocolla

chrysocolla meaning

Chrysocolla is one of the most nurturing stones in the crystal world. It is perfect for Crabs who want to reinforce their positive quality traits. 

Chrysocolla connects to the Heart chakra, which means that it has the ability to increase Cancerians’ capacity to love. 

It also carries a beautiful energy that will naturally enhance its loyal and protective nature. 

Most Cancers have an emotional personality, which makes them kind and caring. They are also generous and devoted when it comes to relationships. 

But if you’re a Cancerian whose caring nature is not highly developed, Chrysocolla can definitely assist. 

With this crystal by your side, you’ll learn to be more empathetic. This will help you create strong bonds and also feel connected to your loved ones. 

9. Rose Quartz

rose quartz meaning

Rose Quartz is a captivating gem that is well known for being the ‘Stone of Unconditional Love’. 

This is probably the reason why this beautiful pink crystal really resonates with Cancerians’ sensitive nature. 

Not only does it encourage forgiveness and compassion but it also promotes emotional healing. 

Rose Quartz can be especially useful for Cancer natives who are going through grief or experiencing heartbreak. 

If you’re feeling sad or struggle to distract yourself from your negative emotions, Rose Quartz can definitely assist. 

It’s a crystal that will help you manifest your strong emotions into something productive or meaningful. 

Rose Quartz is also a very soothing crystal that can be a good alternative to Ruby for those who find it overbearing. 

10. Red Jasper

red jasper meaning

As a powerful grounding stone, Red Jasper is a crystal that resonates well with Cancer men. 

Stability, home, and security are very important to a Cancer man. They love caring for their loved ones and protecting them. 

In fact, a Cancer man will always do everything in his power to make sure you are comfortable. 

However, when things get difficult, they can quickly become very emotional. This is when Red Jasper can be beneficial. 

This stone will bring comfort and stabilize your emotions. It also absorbs negativity, helping you release negative thoughts at the same time. 

With Red Jasper, you’ll definitely learn to be anchored to the now and stay rooted in being. 

11. Orange Calcite

orange calcite meaning

Calcite is a birthstone for the zodiac sign of Cancer, making it a perfect choice for them. It comes in many different colors including blue, pink, and orange. 

If you’re a Crab who lacks motivation, you can definitely benefit from Orange Calcite’s powerful energy. 

It’s a stone that connects to the Sacral chakra, boosting self-confidence and determination. This crystal will encourage you to follow your passion and achieve your goals. 

This sunny crystal can also be used to bring some joy and optimism into your life.

It can be really useful for Cancerians who are prone to sadness, anxiety, and depression. 

Finally, you can use Orange Calcite to unlock your creative energy. With this stone, you’ll never lack inspiration ever again!

12. Opal

opal meaning

Opal is a stunning crystal with an iridescent sheen that is known for its calming properties. It’s a wonderful crystal for emotional healing and deep self-reflection. 

When they’re hurt, Cancerians have the tendency to hold grudges. They also hold on to their anger and resentment. 

Opal will inspire you to heal your old wounds, helping you let go of your negative feelings and guiding you toward emotional renewal. 

When you need a little extra love, Opal sends its caring vibrations directly to your heart center. 

This wonderful stone can also help you connect with your intuition. With Opal by your side, you’ll reach a whole new level of understanding. 

13. Rainbow Fluorite

rainbow fluorite meaning

Rainbow Fluorite is another wonderful stone for Cancerians. Because it connects to the mind, this crystal can be very useful for Crabs who struggle to make decisions. 

Cancers tend to listen to their heart over their head and make most of their decisions based on their feelings. 

However, some decisions are best made when emotions aren’t involved. This is where Fluorite can help.

You can use Fluorite to bring mental clarity and enhance your focus. It’s also a crystal that is said to reduce mind chatter and confusion, helping you get clear on what you really want. 

With its beautiful rainbow colors, Fluorite can also open and activate all your chakras, facilitating the energy flow within your body. 

14. Aquamarine

aquamarine meaning

Aquamarine is another fantastic choice for Cancerians because it is a crystal that resonates with sensitive people. 

It also carries a feminine energy, making it the perfect stone for Cancer women. 

As a stone of courage, Aquamarine can be useful for Cancer females who need a little inner strength. 

This crystal also has very soothing vibrations. It’s an excellent stone for bringing emotional balance, calming stress and anxiety. 

One of the best ways to use Aquamarine is during meditation. It’ll definitely bring calmness to the mind and help you clear confusion. 

15. Amazonite

amazonite meaning

Last on our list of the best crystals for Cancer is Amazonite. This beautiful stone is known to emit soothing vibrations that can help Cancerians cope with emotional stress. 

Amazonite promotes balance and harmony in all areas of life while encouraging self-love. It can also help you understand your feelings better by bringing clarity of mind.

If you’re a very sensitive Crab prone to mood swings, you can definitely use Amazonite to release negative emotions, alleviate worry and fear. 

Amazonite can also be used to heal emotional trauma by encouraging you to release all of your pent-up emotions. 

You can also use it to better express yourself and your feelings, which will help you act in alignment with your higher-self.

Bottom line 

Whether you’re on a journey towards emotional healing or self-discovery, Cancer crystals and stones can definitely help you reach your goals.

Known for being sensitive and intuitive, Cancerians can benefit from crystals to encourage emotional balance, clarity of mind, and confidence. 

By harnessing the powerful energy of these stones, you’ll have access to a toolbox for finding joy within yourself and increasing your connection with those around you.

Which crystals and stones for Cancer do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

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