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100 Blue Lace Agate Affirmations For Hope And Faith

100 Blue Lace Agate Affirmations For Hope And Faith

In this article: Discover the best crystal affirmations for Blue Lace Agate and how to use them!

If you find yourself struggling to see any meaning in your day-to-day activities, Blue Lace Agate and affirmations can help you become more hopeful. That way, you can see more possibilities and set some goals for yourself.

Because Blue Lace Agate is a soothing crystal, you can combine it with affirmations to promote optimism and harmony in your life.

Repeating affirmations while holding your Blue Lace Agate crystal will help you see the positivity in life. Read on to learn more about Blue Lace Agate affirmations and how to use them. 

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Why should I use Blue Lace Agate affirmations 

Blue Lace Agate is a beautiful crystal with many healing properties. This nurturing stone is perfect for positive thinking harmony, joy, and optimism. If you want to become more optimistic, Blue Lace Agate is definitely a crystal you need in your life. 

On top of that, Blue Lace Agate is also one of the best crystals for promoting hope and faith. It will help you become more motivated for the future by encouraging you to believe that you can achieve anything.

Below, you’ll find a few more ways Blue Lace Agate and its affirmations can help you soothe your body, mind, and soul.

To cleanse and balance your Throat chakra

Blue Lace Agate is a stunning light blue stone that connects to the fifth chakra. This makes it the perfect crystal for those who want to heal a blocked or unbalanced Throat chakra

When the Throat chakra is unblocked, you are able to talk openly and honestly.

Blue Lace Agate can help you release blocked emotional energy and negative emotions that make it hard for you to communicate effectively.

With Blue Lace Agate, you’ll be able to express your thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged.

To bring harmony into your life

 Blue Lace Agate has long been associated with peace and harmony. For this reason, this crystal is said to be very powerful for those who want to bring more calm into their life. 

Emotionally, this beautiful crystal has the ability to bring a deep sense of peace and tranquility to the wearer. 

Blue Lace Agate’s energy can also be beneficial to stop worrying about the future, encouraging you to live life more deliberately in the moment. It is also said to help you live life more deliberately in the moment. 

To promote hope and faith

Being hopeful can be difficult. But hope gives us a positive sense of moving forward. With Blue Lace Agate by your side, you’ll learn to become a problem solver whoever you face diversity.

Because it inspires hope and promotes faith, this stone has the ability to turn your dreams into concrete goals. It can also help you strive to improve yourself. 

Blue Lace Agate is a great stone for learning to cope with challenges. You can use it to manage your emotions and improve your tolerance for frustration. This will help you go learn to cope with challenging circumstances.  

blue lace agate affirmation

100 Blue Lace Agate Affirmations For Hope And Faith

If you want to become more hopeful, use the affirmations below when you set your intentions with Blue Lace Agate:

1. I am hopeful.

2. Today, I expect great things to happen.  

3. I am positive. 

4. I welcome faith. 

5. I have faith in the Universe. 

6. I trust my path. 

7. My faith in the Universe is unshakeable. 

8. I know that everything happens for a reason. 

9. I choose faith over fear. 

10. I allow the Universe to reveal its plan for me. 

11. I feel loved and protected by the Universe. 

12. I believe I am right where I am meant to be. 

13. Every challenge strengthens my faith. 

14. Through my faith, I can achieve anything. 

15. I release worry and choose to have faith. 

16. I stay calm in the face of adversity. 

17. I have faith in a higher power. 

18. My soul is filled with hope, faith, and love. 

19. My actions are guided by my faith in the Universe. 

20. I cherish my connection with the Universe.   

21. I know the Universe has my back. 

22. I listen to the wisdom of the Universe. 

23.  I let go and trust the process. 

24. I am grateful to see another day. 

25. I am strong and beautiful. 

26. I always have a hopeful attitude.  

27. The Universe is always by my side. 

28. I surrender to the Universe. 

29. I trust the Universe’s guidance. 

30. I see problems as opportunities. 

31. I absolutely love my life. 

32. I am thriving. 

33. I welcome peace and joy into my life. 

34. I feel loved and cherished by the Universe. 

35. I am guided by a divine power. 

36. I have faith in my ability to achieve great things.  

37. I have faith in the future.

38. I live a joyful life. 

39. I am persistent and hopeful.  

40. Every day brings new opportunities. 

41. Hope shows me a brighter future.

42. I consistently try to improve my life. 

43. I can have everything I hope for. 

44. My faith allows me to overcome challenges with ease. 

45. I know good things await me. 

46. My hope guides me through life. 

47. I embrace my purpose.  

48. I always do what I can to improve my life. 

49. I am thankful for each new opportunity. 

50. I am positive and happy. 

51. I practice positive thinking. 

52. Every day, I am happier and healthier. 

53. I believe in my strengths and abilities. 

54. I choose to be hopeful. 

55. I look at life with hope and positivity. 

56. I can make myself happy. 

57. Hope empowers me. 

58. I build and sustain hope every day.  

59. Hope encourages me to take risks. 

60. Today, I embrace hope.  

61. The Universe is always with me. 

62. The Universe takes care of me. 

63. I have faith in myself. 

64. Through my faith, I can move towards my goal. 

65. My thoughts and actions are guided by a divine power. 

66. I have faith in myself. 

67. I am blessed by the Universe. 

68. My faith guides me toward my success. 

69. With the Universe by my side, I can accomplish anything. 

70. My faith is always strong. 

71. I am grateful to be guided by a divine power. 

72. The Universe gives me power. 

73 The Universe has a plan for me. 

74. I radiate love and light. 

75. I am fulfilling my destiny.

76. I trust that I am divinely guided. 

77. The Universe works through me. 

78. I welcome new blessings from the Universe. 

79. My faith is making me a better person. 

80. I am one with the Universe.  

81. My thoughts and words are blessed with divine love. 

82. My soul is connected to the Universe. 

83. I am an infinite being. 

84. I trust that I can get everything I desire.  

85. I know the Universe will provide for me.  

86. I believe there is always hope. 

87. I move ahead with faith. 

88. I have faith in my decisions. 

89. I am hopeful and grateful. 

90. I trust a power greater than myself. 

91. I am filled with hope for the future.  

92. Hope drives me towards my life goal. 

93. The best is ahead of me. 

94. I know the Universe brings me a wealth of opportunities. 

95. I embrace peace and happiness. 

96. The Universe fills my body with divine energy. 

97. I am peaceful and whole. 

98. I am hopeful and optimistic. 

99. I know I am exactly where I belong. 

100. My hope always stays. 

How to use Blue Lace Agate with affirmations

If you’re wondering how to stay hopeful in challenging times, using Blue Lace Agate with affirmations is a great way to become more optimistic. Below, you’ll find some tips on how to program Moonstone with affirmations:

1. Choose your intent

To promote hope and faith with the help of your Blue Lace Agate crystal, you must first choose an intention. Having a more optimistic outlook on the world is one of the best ways to be more hopeful. 

Blue Lace Agate is a stone that is often used to promote joy, harmony, and calmness as well.

If you are still wondering what you really want, you can write on paper the most important things you want to accomplish. It’ll be easier to bring your goals to life once they are under your eyes. 

2. Cleanse your crystal

Before using your Blue Lace Agate crystal with affirmations, it is very important to cleanse it. 

Cleansing is a way to remove negative energies the crystal may have absorbed from its environment. This way the stone will be restored to its natural state.  

The best ways to cleanse Blue Lace Agate include smudging, water and rice. You can also charge and cleanse it under the full moon.

If you want to find more ways to cleanse your crystals, read this post. 

3. Find a comfortable space

The next step is to find the most comfortable spot in your home and sit down. Once you’re comfortable, try to free your mind and release negative thoughts. 

To do that you need to replace your negative thoughts by positive ones. Having a positive state of mind is one of the best ways to succeed at manifestation.

Once you’ve found better feeling thoughts, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Focus on your breath to calm your mind, body, and soul.

4. Set your intention with your affirmation

Hold your Blue Lace Agate crystal in your left hand, the receiving side. Close your eyes again and take three deep breaths. 

Then, repeat your chosen affirmation out loud several times. You can pick more than one affirmation.

It really helps if you can visualize what you want to manifest at the same time. Try to really feel hopeful and optimistic as you do this. 

With your eyes still closed, envision your gemstone absorbing your intention. After you’ve set your intention with your Blue Lace Agate, you can keep it close by and use it as a visual reminder of your desire. 

Bottom line

Blue Lace Agate is a soothing crystal that emits calming vibrations. This stone is a fantastic tool for promoting hope and faith. 

You can use Blue Lace Agate with positive affirmations to magnify its wonderful healing properties. Repeat the Blue Lace Agate affirmations mentioned above to nurture your sense of hope. 

After you program your crystal with your affirmation, you can keep it as a visual reminder to focus on your dreams. What is your favorite Blue Lace Agate affirmation? Let me know in the comments below!

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