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Azurite Meaning & Healing Properties

Azurite Meaning & Healing Properties

Known for its beautiful blue color, Azurite is a highly sought-after crystal. The blue-hued beauty is often used to stimulate the third eye chakra, enhance inner vision and psychic abilities. More than that, Azurite is a gem that can be used to enhance creativity and inner wisdom. Also called the Stone of Heaven, Azurite is used in crystal healing therapies for the multitude of powers it holds. Read on to learn more about Azurite and its healing properties. 

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Meaning of Azurite

Azurite is a copper-based crystal that’s been used since ancient times, and its name comes from an old Persian word that means ‘blue’. In ancient Egypt, Azurite was sacred and only the highest priests knew its secrets. For thousands of years, artists and painters would take the stone and ground it down to a stunning blue pigment and use it in paintings. 

More commonly found as irregular blades with wedge-shaped terminations, Azurite is a deep blue crystal, and may sometimes appear black. 

With a MOH hardness of only 4, Azurite is fairly soft and has a tendency to fade with exposure to light. For this reason, it’s not the best stone for jewelry making. 

This beautiful gemstone can be found in many different countries, including France, Russia, Australia, Peru, and the USA. It often occurs naturally with other copper-based crystals such as Malachite or Chrysocolla. 

Azurite also occurs in K2 Jasper, a unique stone found only in the snowy peaks of the Karakoram Range between Pakistan and China. K2 Jasper is a rare crystal made of white granite with Azurite.

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What are the healing properties of Azurite?

Azurite is well known for its wealth of healing properties. Soaked in spiritual energy, this blue-hued beauty is a great ally to those attracted to the idea of tapping into clairvoyance and connecting with their intuition. More than that, Azurite can also help you release past trauma. Below, you’ll find a few more ways Azurite can help you soothe your body, mind, and soul. 

Emotional healing properties

Azurite is a powerful stone, helping you release stress and confusion, alleviate worry and indecision. Strongly connected to the Third Eye chakra, Azurite is often used to restore balance and control over emotions. By stimulating the mind centers, the beautiful deep blue crystal will also help you expand your mind. Azurite can also encourage you to learn new things, challenge your view of reality, and help you let go of your preconceived ideas. 

Carrying or wearing Azurite can help you overcome negative patterns of behavior and see new possibilities. Azurite is a stone that stimulates the mind. Wear it when you study, take a test, go to an interview, or attend negotiations to help you focus and concentrate on your tasks. 

If you’ve suffered from emotional trauma, Azurite will help you heal and initiate transformation. It will dissolve emotional blocks and negativity. Also, you will be able to see your emotions in a new light with Azurite. This stone also has the ability to help you understand your reason for your fears, give you the courage to be more truthful to yourself and others. 

Metaphysical healing properties

As an ally for the psychic, Azurite is a great stone for spiritual seekers who want to focus on their self-development and healing. It stimulates psychic powers, assists in past life recall, and connects you to the divine. 

This ocean blue gem can inspire you to become more sincere and trustworthy. Also a great stone for communication, with Azurite you can learn to better verbalize your thoughts, ideas, and emotions while opening your mind to new horizons. 

This stone will help you raise your consciousness to a higher level. By giving you better control over your spiritual discovery, Azurite can bring prophetic dreams and visions, and help you communicate with your spirit guides. This stone is particularly useful to psychics and counselors.

Physical healing properties

Physically, Azurite is useful in treatments for spinal alignment and disorders of the vertebrae. It may also be beneficial for treating arthritis, and joint problems. Azurite can help soothe migraines, aid circulation, and oxygenation of the blood. 

This crystal is very effective on a cellular level and encourages the release of toxins from the liver, kidneys, and bladder. It also has the power to help cells heal and can be beneficial to treat degenerative diseases such as dementia.

Finally, you can use Azurite to encourage the development of the embryo in the womb and support you through your pregnancy.

Azurite and the chakras

Azurite’s blue energy stimulates the Third Eye chakra, which will help enhance your intuitive perceptions, and open your mind to spiritual guidance. The Third Eye chakra is the center of our perception and directs our awareness of the world.

Also close to the Throat chakra, Azurite can help you communicate your ideas, beliefs, and emotions with its blue energy. When the Throat chakra is out of balance, we find it difficult to bring our truth out into the world and express what we think and feel. You can use Azurite to encourage the power of truth.

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How to use Azurite

If you choose to use Azurite for its healing benefits, then you are sure to nourish your mind with this blue-hued beauty. There are several ways you can use Azurite in your everyday life. Whether you want to leave it on your altar or use it as a powerful tool to heal, here is what you can do: 


Meditating is one of the most efficient ways to use Azurite. Hold the stone in your hand while meditating to create a close connection to the skin. It will promote high vibrations and help clear any blockages you might have.

Place it on your desk

Keeping Azurite on your desk or in your office while working or studying is another great way to use the stone. The blue energy of the stone can bring you inspiration and help you be more creative. If you’re studying, it’ll help you stay focused and stimulate your mind.

Carry it in your pocket

If you have trouble verbalizing your thoughts and ideas, you can carry Azurite in your pocket or purse with you every day. Touch the stone whenever you feel stressed or are in a situation where you need to speak your truth. 

Best combinations to use with Azurite

Azurite is a powerful gemstone with great healing properties. You can combine it with other crystals to enjoy even more healing benefits. Here are a few stones that work great with Azurite:


Often found together, Azurite and Malachite actually blend perfectly to make a stunning blue/green stone. This combination will help you heal emotional challenges. The beautiful green energies of Malachite paired with the cooling energies of Azurite will help you balance your emotions, let go of anger and irritability.

azurite and malachite together


Azurite and Chrysocolla can be combined to stimulate spiritual wisdom. Chryscolloca will help you open up to your psychic powers, while Azurite will make it possible for you to perceive them.

azurite and chrysocolla together

Where to buy Azurite

There are several places where you can buy Azurite. You either buy it at your local crystal shop or online. Here are a few online shops you might want to consider if you’re looking for Azurite:

Exquisite crystals: This is one of my favorite shops for crystals. Exquisite Crystals have a lot of beautiful Azurite specimens. They also have Azurite/Malachite tumbled stones and clusters. It’s the perfect place to add a genuine Azurite crystal to your collection!

Etsy: If you’re looking for smaller specimens or jewelry, you can have a look at Etsy. New Moon Beginnings have quite a few raw Azurite specimens and also K2 jasper stones. You can also check out Lucid Harvest, they have some Azurite specimens in their shop, along with many other gemstones. 

You can also read my post on the best places to buy crystals online, or this one on the best shops to buy crystals on Amazon! 

Bottom line

Azurite is one of the most fascinating there is in the crystal world. For those looking to connect with higher spirits, heal from past trauma, or learn new things, azurite can give you the strength you need. Azurite is the perfect stone for you if you need guidance, to let go of your fears, and help to speak your truth to the world. What are your thoughts on Azurite and its healing properties? Let me know in the comments below!