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100 Amazonite Affirmations For Letting Go And Moving On

100 Amazonite Affirmations For Letting Go And Moving On

In this article: Discover the best crystal affirmations for Amazonite and how to use them!

Holding on to things that no longer serve us just keeps us stuck in the past. Amazonite and affirmations can help you let go of all the things and feelings that you cling to for too long.

That way, you can release all attachments and move forward. Because Amazonite is a soothing crystal, you can combine it with affirmations to learn to accept things as they are.

Repeating affirmations while holding your Amazonite crystal will help you on your journey toward growth. Read on to learn more about Amazonite affirmations and how to use them. 

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Why should I use Amazonite affirmations 

Amazonite is one of the most calming stones in the mineral world. This empowering crystal radiates love, inspires truth, and promotes trust. If you want to release your fears and doubts, Amazonite is definitely a crystal you need in your collection. 

On top of that, Amazonite is also one of the best crystals for letting go and moving forward. It will help you move on from the hurt and start enjoying life again. 

Below, you’ll find a few more ways Amazonite and its affirmations can help you soothe your body, mind, and soul.

To cleanse and balance the Heart and Throat chakras

Amazonite is deeply connected to the Heart and Throat chakras. This makes it the perfect crystal for those who struggle to freely express their thoughts and feelings. 

When the Heart chakra is blocked, we find it difficult to forgive others, lack self-love and end up being trapped in toxic relationships. 

We feel like we can’t trust anyone and sometimes hold grudges against the people we love. With its soothing energy, Amazonite will bring you hope and help you accept change. 

By encouraging you to set firm boundaries, this crystal also helps you live in alignment with your beliefs and values. 

To alleviate worry

 Amazonite is recommended for anyone who wants to release stress and alleviate worry. With its beautiful blue-green color, this crystal gives you a sense of peace and brings you comfort when you need it. 

Another great benefit of this crystal is that it reduces feelings of anger and resentment, encouraging you to put your energy into something positive instead. 

Because it is connected to the Throat chakra, Amazonite can also help you understand yourself better and embrace your inner truth. 

To let go of the past

Letting go is not easy. Most of us cling to anger and frustration about our past mistakes, letting these negative thoughts guide our present actions.  

With Amazonite by your side, you’ll learn to give yourself time and space to process your emotions. 

Amazonite is a great stone for mindfulness. You can use it during meditation, it’ll help you stay present and calm your overactive mind. 

affirmation for amazonite

100 Amazonite Affirmations For Letting Go And Moving On

If you want to let go of painful feelings and move forward, use the affirmations below when you set your intentions with Amazonite:

1. I choose to let go.

2. I am ready to move on.  

3. I know it is time to move forward. 

4. I am healing at my own pace. 

5. I am confident that I can move on. 

6. Nothing scares me. 

7. I choose to overcome my fears. 

8. I allow myself to move on. 

9. I let go of what no longer serves me. 

10. I am letting go of my stress. 

11. I am calm and ready to move forward. 

12. I am over it. 

13. I look forward to the future. 

14. All that matters is what happens here and now. 

15. My future is bright. 

16. I choose to leave the past in the past. 

17. I let go of old habits. 

18. I love and welcome change. 

19. I feel good. 

20. I know that what is meant to be will find a way.   

21. My past has no power over me. 

22. I accept and love myself for everything that I am. 

23.  Today, I take a leap of faith. 

24. Right now, I have everything I need. 

25. I am free. 

26. I accept to release my need for control.  

27. I let go of grudges. 

28. I trust the Universe will guide me. 

29. All my dreams are coming true. 

30. I let go of my fear and doubt. 

31. I choose to let go of my pain. 

32. I trust myself and the process. 

33. I know I am capable of moving forward. 

34. I trust my instincts. 

35. My past does not define my future. 

36. I know that there are some things I cannot control.  

37. I let go of my resentment.

38. I let go of my past mistakes. 

39. My mind is free from clutter.  

40. I know exactly what I am supposed to do. 

41. I am at peace with myself.

42. Today, I start fresh. 

43. I  let go of everything that doesn’t serve me. 

44. I surrender to this present moment. 

45. I choose to honor my past experiences. 

46. Letting go is easy. 

47. I give myself permission to move on. 

48. I let go of my suffering. 

49. I let go of my fear of the unknown. 

50. I welcome new opportunities. 

51. I choose to forgive those who have hurt me. 

52. I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life. 

53. I am living the life of my dreams. 

54. With each breath, I inhale peace and exhale worry. 

55. I have the courage to move on. 

56. I am strong enough to overcome any obstacles. 

57. I know it is safe for me to let go. 

58. Everything is working for my highest good. 

59. I am centered and grounded in the present moment. 

60. I choose to focus on what I can control.  

61. I have the power to overcome my doubts and fears. 

62. I am healing. 

63. I do what is best for me. 

64. I forgive myself for my past mistakes. 

65. I learn from my mistakes and move on. 

66. My mind is free. 

67. I am sending positive energy into the Universe. 

68. I treat myself with the respect and kindness I deserve. 

69. I let go of damaging patterns of behavior. 

70. I release all negative thoughts. 

71. I choose to feel calm and relaxed. 

72. I remind myself to focus on the present. 

73. My mind is clear of distractions. 

74. I let go of all my burdens. 

75. I choose not to hold things against others.

76. I am patient with myself and others. 

77. I show myself compassion and understanding. 

78. I deserve the best. 

79. I am worthy of love. 

80. I believe everything happens for a reason.  

81. I let go of my need to control others. 

82. I accept every situation as it is. 

83. I forgive myself. 

84. Today, I choose freedom.  

85. I release all blocks.  

86. The past is gone. Today is all that matters. 

87. I set myself free. 

88. I forgive myself of any wrongdoing. 

89. I know that change is inevitable and I accept it. 

90. I focus on living in the now. 

91. I welcome a life filled with good vibes. 

92. I walk away from toxic relationships. 

93. Today I will start loving myself unconditionally. 

94. I control my thoughts and actions. 

95. I am grateful for the change that is coming. 

96. I am responsible for my happiness. 

97. I let go of my regrets. 

98. I am ready to move on with my life. 

99. My happiness is all that matters right now. 

100. I welcome positive thoughts. 

How to use Amazonite with affirmations

Whether you lost your job or experienced the end of a relationship, reciting affirmations with Amazonite can definitely help you let go and start living again. Here are some tips on how to program Amazonite with affirmations:

1. Choose your intention

To let go and move forward with Amazonite, you must first program your crystal with an intention. Creating a positive mantra to counter negative thoughts is one of the best ways to move on. 

Amazonite is a stone that is often used to alleviate worry and dispel negativity. It also activates the throat chakra, helping you speak your truth.

If you are unsure of what it is you want to manifest, you can make a list of the most important things you want to accomplish and that would make you happy. You can even write your ideas on paper, it’ll be easier to bring them to life.

2. Cleanse your Amazonite crystal

Before using your Amazonite crystal with affirmations, it is very important to cleanse it. Cleansing is a way to remove negative energies the crystal may have absorbed from its environment. This way the stone will be restored to its natural state.  

The best way to cleanse Amazonite is to use a smudge stick and pass the crystal through the smoke. You can also charge and cleanse it under the full moon.

If you want to find more ways to cleanse your crystals, read this post. 

3. Find a comfortable space

Find a cozy space in your home where you will not be disturbed. Sit down and try to free your mind from negative thoughts. 

To do that you need to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Remember, it is easier to attract what you want when you are in a positive state of mind.

Once you’ve found better feeling thoughts, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Focus on your breath to calm your mind, body, and soul.

4. Set your intention with your affirmation

Hold your Amazonite stone in your left hand, the receiving side. Close your eyes again and take three deep breaths. 

Then, repeat your chosen affirmation out loud several times. You can pick more than one affirmation.

It really helps if you can visualize what you want to manifest at the same time. Imagine and try to really feel what you will feel when your dream becomes reality. 

With your eyes still closed, envision your gemstone absorbing your intention. After you’ve set your intention with your Amazonite, you can keep it close by and use it as a visual reminder of your desire. 

Bottom line

Amazonite is a beautiful blue-green crystal that emits calming vibrations. This fascinating mineral can help you speak and live your truth. 

You can combine Amazonite with mantras to magnify its wonderful healing properties. Repeat the Amazonite affirmations mentioned above if you need to let go of your past and move forward. 

After you program your crystal with your affirmation, you can keep it as a visual reminder to focus on your dreams. What is your favorite Amazonite affirmation? Let me know in the comments below!

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JJ - Contempo Crystals

Sunday 9th of October 2022

I love this!! Amazonite was one of the VERY first crystals I was ever drawn to. It will always always hold a special place in my heart.


Friday 21st of October 2022

Amazonite is also one of my favorite crystals :)